Why Student Mobility at HELP University?

As an initiative to add further value to our students’ experience at HELP University (HU), HU’s Student Mobility programme acts as a platform to promote life in Asia. Having not only exposure in Malaysia but also neighboring countries as Malaysia is the heart of Asia, will increase graduates’ values as well as enrich their life experience.

HELP University’s (HU) Student Mobility programme includes tours to neighboring countries such as Thailand, Vietnam and Singapore. Students will get to study and compare these countries in the programmes of their choice.

Options for Students Include:
Student Mobility Programme

HELP is a pioneer of international education: staff, students and programmes are all international and cosmopolitan, inspired by the best academic and scholastic traditions of Asia and the western world.

HELP is recognized for:

  • Academic and professional achievements – its students are admitted to top universities like Cambridge, Oxford, Harvard, Princeton, London School of Economics, Imperial College; achieve results of world-class excellence; win scholarships and prizes from leading universities in the UK, USA and Australia; and its graduates are employed by top firms like Google, Accenture, Shell, McKinsey, Microsoft and other international agencies
  • Social engagement and social responsibility initiatives – it allocates USD10 million annually for charity and scholarships for the underprivileged. Each year, HELP students also contribute to one of the largest community engagement programmes involving nearly 10,000 students: the 30- Hour Famine in collaboration with World Vision. This involvement raises awareness of the millions of people who face hunger and deprivation in the world, and also provides students the chance to learn event management skills and strategy.
  • Corporate awards for excellence from Forbes, Ernst & Young, the Australian Government for Educational Personality of the Year; Sin Chew Daily for Corporate Social Responsibility and Business Excellence (Education)
Student Exchange programme

Through an agreement between HELP University (HU) and a partner university abroad, both institutions agree to exchange a fixed number of students every year that will pursue their course of choice for up to a maximum of two semesters. Students continue to pay the local tuition fees (to their home institution) and do not need to pay addition tuition fees to the host institution. The courses undertaken at the host university are credited towards the student’s programme of study at their home institution.

Study Abroad programme

This programme enables international students to enroll, pay tuition fees and study at HELP University from a period that ranges from one semester to one year. The courses undertaken at the host university may be credited towards the students programme of study at their home institution. This depends wholly
at the discretion of the home institution.

International Summer Exchange programme

International students have a choice of courses that range between two to four weeks. Upon completion of this course, credits may be awarded to the student’s programme at the home institution. This depends wholly at the discretion of the home institution.

Non-credit Short programme

In collaboration with their home institution, international students may undertake a study tour to various places around Malaysia along with neighboring countries such as Thailand, Vietnam and Singapore. This may be a one to three week programme which incorporates HELP University’s cultural
immersion programme.

Courses and Subjects Available

HELP University (HU) offers a wide variety of subjects from departments covering:

  • Communication
  • Early childhood education
  • Business, Accounting and Finance
  • Tourism and management
  • Psychology
  • Information technology
  • Law