The University of London is a world renowned institution of teaching and research. It is unique in that it is structured as a federation which includes 17 world-class colleges and 10 specialist institutes.

Specialised colleges such as the London School of Economics & Political Science (LSE), Royal Holloway and multi-faculty institutes which include University College London and King’s College London are internationally recognised and respected. To provide for the needs of people who could not do programmes on-campus in London, the University established the International Programmes to offer a range of flexible degree programmes to students worldwide. Students could choose to study full-time or at their own pace.

The University of London International Programmes pride itself on being an international institution and has been offering a range of degree programmes to students world-wide for more than 150 years. Today, more than 54,000 students are studying University of Londond degrees in over 180 countries, while the University itself runs more than 100 programmes to meet the needs of students studying on-campus in London.

The University continues to maintain robust academic standards through a series of quality assurance mechanisms Equal standards are maintained for students studying on-campus or under the international Programmes in and outside the United Kingdom. All study materials, examination papers, and marking of scripts for EMFSS and IFP programmes are compiled, prepared and done by academics at LSE. Where academic direction for Bsc in Business Admin is provided by Royal Holloway. This is to ensure that the Univeristy’s reputation for academic rigour and its qualification are highly respected by employers throughout the world. All graduates are awarded a University of London degree or diploma upon completion of their course.