HELP obtained the largest number of BSc First Class Honours degrees from the University of London among overseas institutions Produced 13 recipients of the London School of Economics External Study Scholarship.

HELP has produced 3 recipients of the LSE Study Grant to complete their PhD degrees at the LSE. Won all the Standard Chartered Bank Scholarships during the 10 years they were offered, for students to complete Year 2 & 3 of the BSc degree at LSE. HELP’s University of London graduates have won scholarships for Masters and PhD degrees at Oxford, Cambridge, Chicago, Wharton School of Business and the London School of Economics

The London School of Economics & Political Science (LSE)

UOL_view.pngLike its federal main institution the University of London, the London School of Economics is the United Kingdom’s world-leading institution for the social sciences. Notable for its academic excellence, innovative teaching and research, the LSE is globally associated with the benchmark of quality. The LSE offers degree programmes that cover a broad range of areas. A unique feature of LSE has been its strong emphasis on key world issues which impact the general well-being of people, societies and the world. Major research and expertise areas of LSE academics include globalisation, new information technologies, corporate management, patterns of governance and ecological policies.

Another key feature of LSE has been the great diversity of its academics who come from all corners of the globe. They bring with them a rich collection of cultural, ethnic and social experiences. Many of these academics feature prominently in the United Kingdom and international media, assuming vital roles as commentators, analysts, government advisors, or as seconded consultants and specialists to many British and international organisations.

Finally, but no less unique to the making of LSE’s benchmark of academic quality and honours, the LSE is proud of its ability to constantly extend the list of distinguished personalities among its alumni and former staff.