``Understanding Minds, Empowering Lives``

In 2007, the Department of Psychology organized its first Psychology Challenge competition in the HELP Main Block Campus, KL. Since its inception, the Psychology Challenge has seen participation from hundreds of secondary school students vying for the coveted first prize of full scholarship to study Psychology at the largest and most established psychology programme in Malaysia!

The main purpose of this competition is to challenge students to apply their knowledge of psychological concepts and issues in a critical and analytical way, and to communicate their ideas in a relevant and effective manner. We also hope that this competition would awaken greater and more serious interest in the various areas of psychology and human behavior among students.

Psychology Challenge Winners 2007 – 2014
  1. Yap Jia Yen
  2. Wong Han Wei
  3. Jared Kok Chee Chiew
  1. Lee Janice
  2. Tan Yin Kee
  3. Seah Eu Hen
  1. Sia Shu-Yen
  2. Samantha Chloe Anthony
  3. Natalie Chong Ee Man
  1. Alison Lee Wei Siang
  2. Lim Yi Jern
  3. Beh Kuan Jun
  1. Sia Shu Li
  1. Millie Ong
  2. Mohd Khair Amsyar
  3. Lynnette Oon Yi-Qian
  1. Marcus Lim Wui Chuen
  2. Tan Huey Li
  3. Anniebell Stanley Lourdes Benedict
  1. Dipti A/P Krishnan Kumar
  2. Tie: Aaron San Weng Tze
    Ong Yee Jie