What our students say about the HELP Psychology experience

  • Psychology has moulded my character and impacted my relationships immensely. It really isn’t just the academic experience and knowledgeable lecturers that make it all worthwhile; the real-life exposure that I gained through internships, research projects, and student activities makes it a learning experience like no other!


    Business Analyst, Process Excellence & Change Enablement, Accenture. HELP BPsych (First Class Hons), from SMK Taman SEA. SPM 9 As. The only female National Representative for the World Scout Jamboree UK 2007. HELP SASA Scholarship and Merit Scholarship Award 2009 & 2010. Writer for Psychology Newsletter. Stage Manager of KLPAC 2009. HR Executive (Organisational Development) at Gamuda Bhd. Gamuda Full Scholarship Award 2010.

    Victoria Yeong Foong Yee
  • When people mention the word ‘Psychology’, the next word they say is ‘HELP’, which illustrates how HELP has become synonymous with psychology. In the program, we are constantly challenged to think out of the box, not only in the academic field but also in our day to day lives. At the end of the day, I hope to be a more understanding person to be able to make a difference in people’s lives.

    Currently with Teach For Malaysia (TFM). HELP BPsych (First Class Hons), from SMK Convent Green Lane, Penang. SPM 10 A1s. SAM Best Performance Award with TER. 95.75%. HELP Merit Scholarship 2008.

    Joycelyn Ch’ng Li Ern
  • The HELP Department of Psychology not only provides students with high quality academic education, but also allows us to build leadership skills and good personal characteristics via extracurricular activities. By exploring my academic and extracurricular capabilities as well as working with the wonderful staff at the Department, I have been able to lead a fulfilling university life.


    Currently pursuing her PhD in Victoria University of Wellington. HELP BPsych (First Class Hons); from SMK Convent, Ipoh. HELP Pyramid Award 2009 for Most Outstanding Graduate. Johnson & Johnson intern 2008.

    Reneeta Mogan
  • The main reason for choosing psychology at HELP was the wide variety of expertise of the academic staff. Since they specialise in different areas in psychology and counseling, I can get first-hand information regarding the field of interest which I would like to know more about.


    Currently with Leaderonomics. Masters in Educational Psychology at University of Sydney. HELP BPsych (Hons). HELP Merit Scholarship 2009; from Sri Utama International School. TER 96.95 in South Australian Matriculation (SAM). Former Head Prefect of UIS, President of Joy Fellowship, UNICEF intern 2009.

    Adeline Tay Cheng May
  • I’ve had the privilege of learning many things throughout my time at HELP – so much more than what can be found in the pages of my textbooks or learnt within the four walls of a classroom. My experience at the Department of Psychology has given me valuable life lessons, priceless relationships, and the opportunity to grow both academically and personally. I would highly recommend this program to students who are looking for more than just a degree, but are eager to learn, ready to be challenged, and excited to be pushed to discover their full potential!


    HELP BPsych (First Class Hons), from SMK Bandar Utama Damansara (3), PJ. PhD Candidate, Flinders University. BPsychSc (Hons) (Flinders-HELP).

    Alliyza Lim
  • I am really pleased to learn that the British Psychological Society (BPS) considers my HELP psychology degree as equivalent to a British bachelor’s degree, and that it is strong enough to grant me the Graduate Basis of Chartered Membership, which implies that they consider its coverage of psychology as equal to British Honours standard.


    HELP Graduates recognized by the British Psychological Society (BPS).

    Currently completing PhD in Cognitive Psychology at University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Ex-SMK St Johns, KL. HELP BPsych First Class Hons with CGPA of 3.81.

    John Emmanuel Kiat
  • The experience of studying psychology at HELP has been extremely exciting. From world class lecturers who challenge us to think, to the extracurricular activities and the diverse student body, every day in the department is different. I have gotten to learn unexpected things and skills in class from the staff of the department and course mates in a truly dynamic setting.


    Currently pursuing MSc Occupational Psychology, University of Sheffield. HELP BPsych (First Class Hons); from SMK Sri Aman, KL. SPM 9 As. First Prize Winner, Psychology Challenge 2009. Former Vice-President of the Student Council (SMK Sri Aman). Former President of the Peer Counselling Society (SMK Sri Aman). Business intern at Hays Specialist Recruitment 2012.

    Millie Ong
  • Psychology at the core is meant to be a helping profession, and at HELP, you get the sense that everyone walks the talk. The lecturers maintain an open door policy, they always have time for a friendly chat with students. It has just the right blend of stone cold erudition and the warm human touch. My experience here has made me a more wholesome person, and helped me realise that at the end of the day, this wealth of knowledge I have gained will be utilised to help people – that’s what matters most in the world.

    Currently pursuing Master of Clinical Psychology (HELP). HELP BPsych; from SMK La Salle. Ontario School Award. Best Oral Presentation in Psychology Colloquium 2010. Former Academic Tutor, HELP Department of Psychology.

    Evelyn Teh Jae Vienn
    David Paul Fernandez
  • The open and supportive atmosphere that is a big part of the HELP BPsych experience has really helped in my growth as a student and as an individual. The work is challenging and we are always pushed to think beyond the obvious and expand our horizons – and strangely enough, it is one of the main things I love about this program!


    MSc in Social Psych at Surrey University. HELP BPsych, from SMK (P) Methodist Klang. SPM 10 As. Deputy Social Events Coordinator for Student Council. HELP Merit Scholarship Award 2008. University of Hertfordshire Award of Excellence 2009.

    Evelyn Teh Jae Vienn
    Elaine Frances Fernandez
  • Living in a foreign country on my own to pursue my psychology degree was not an easy decision, but thankfully, HELP has made it easy for me. HELP’s lecturers, staff and fellow students have given me nothing short of a warm welcome and comfort. Psychology at HELP has been a long ride and a journey of challenging and exciting experiences. It does not focus solely on academic experience, but also on our real life experience as a fully capable individual. it has helped me through self-discovery and understanding of my strengths and weaknesses.


    Human Resource Business Partner, AIA Financial (Indonesia). HELP BPsych (Hons); from Regina Pacis Senior High School, Bogor, Indonesia. Treasurer of HELP Event Managing Club. PAL tutor. Writer for Psychology Newsletter. Currently working as an Executive Recruitment Consultant with Monroe Consulting Group (Indonesia).

    Evelyn Teh Jae Vienn
    Ocella Chriestelia
  • I never regretted my decision to choose to study Psychology at HELP University because of the excellent quality of academic education offered, as well as the opportunities provided by the numerous extracurricular activities held within the university. The lecturers never cease to amaze me with their knowledge as well as their passion to help students. The constructive environment in HELP University allows me to explore and develop both my personal and academic capabilities to the fullest.


    Teach for Malaysia Fellow (2015 Cohort). HELP BPsych (Hons), from SMJK(C) Yu Hua, Kajang. HELP CEO Scholarship 2010 and HELP Merit Scholarship 2011.

    Yeong Sze Ern
    Yeong Sze Ern
  • Studying psychology gives me the privilege of better understanding one of the most formidable but also most miraculous aspects of humanity: the human mind. I firmly believe that the mind is a person’s most important asset and psychology allows me to capitalise on this amazing resource. By deeply understanding the hows and whys of the mind’s workings, we not only become better at the art of living but are also empowered to enable others to live more fulfilling lives.


    Project Lead, Learning and Development, IPG Mediabrands. HELP BPsych (First Class Hons). HELP Department of Psychology Lodge International School, Sarawak. SMK Kuching High, Kuching, Sarawak. SPM 12 As. Former Academic Tutor.

    Valerie Aw Chen Mei
    Valerie Aw Chen Mei
  • The course is academically comprehensive and challenging and I have gained a lot more apart from mere knowledge. The Flinders-HELP Joint Degree has taught me many applicable life skills such as communication and project manage-ment through experiences such as presenting in an academic colloquium. The student life is vibrant and supportive and I feel inspired seeing students take responsibility for each other’s welfare, both academically and socio-emotionally.


    Currently pursuing MSc in Psychology: Learning Sciences, Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich. BPsychSc (Hons) (Flinders-HELP); from Hwa Chong Institute, Singapore. BPsychSc (Hons) (Flinders-HELP), from Hwa Chong Institute Singapore. ASEAN Scholarship. President of the Psychology Student Council 2010/2011. Maybank Apprentice under the Global Maybank Apprentice Program. Former Academic Tutor, HELP Department of Psychology.

    Ong Chia Wei
    Ong Chia Wei