“I am an international student from India. I chose to study in HELP University for its reputation. It is a choice I would never regret. With excellent facilities and friendly faces it is impossible not to fall in love with HELP University. Lecturers here are always ready to lend a helping hand. Thank you HELP University for making me feel right at home.”
Divya Bompally, India
Master of Business Administration


“If I had to do this course with HELP University all over again, I would. I have no regrets taking this amazing course. Studying in HELP changed my way of thinking, understanding and interpreting everything around me. It has made me more critical to interpret the way I behave. All in all, HELP University really benefited me. Thank you HELP for making me an achiever.”
Chen Tingting, China
Bachelor of Psychology


“I have been in HELP University since 2007. HELP University is literally my home. I did my Bachelor of Communication here and I am currently doing my MBA. Without doubt, HELP University is the best University. Why else would I be here for eight years. Best lecturers, best staff, best mates… I love it here.”
Hamid Reza Azarmi, Iran/USA
BCom; MBA candidate


“I love Malaysia and I love HELP University. This is a university that prepares us for the working world. With the way the course is structured and the enthusiastic lecturers, I am very happy at HELP University.”
Choi Tae Yang, South Korea
University of London, Accounting and Finance


“I am so glad to be a part of HELP University. The subjects here are equivalent to what is taught in Canada. I would recommend HELP University to all my Canadian friends. HELP has some of the best lecturers who are very knowledgeable.”
Shima Derakhshanfer, Canada
Masters in Counselling


“I have been in HELP University for a year now and I absolutely love it. The lecturers and the course are amazing, the materials used by the lecturers are informative. The most amazing thing about HELP from a foreigner’s perspective is the open-mindedness of the HELP staff. They are always willing to help me out; they even provide counselling. HELP has helped me know myself more. I now know that I would like to start my own business thanks to HELP. Thank you for making me feel at home.”
Patricia Plavan, Uruguay
Bachelor of Business (Marketing)