Entrepreneurial ventures are innovating and creating new products and services at a rate never witnessed before. It is therefore important that students are thoroughly familiar with the entrepreneurial process. This course helps students look into the dynamics of developing, planning, financing and launching new enterprises. Students will have an in-depth understanding on how entrepreneurs create and develop successful business ventures of their own. Students will be exposed to the issues involved in developing business plans, identifying business opportunities, managing successful corporations, and the relevant processes involved in setting up a new venture.

Learning Outcomes:

Upon completion of this module, students should be able to:

  • Understand the strategic tools and intellectual skills required to lead the entrepreneurial business planning processes, especially as it is practiced in Asia.
  • Fully comprehend the factors that drive successful entrepreneurial ventures in the Asian context.
  • Know what makes certain business activities entrepreneurial and innovative.
  • Evaluate or measure the success and failure of the management of business activities.

Activities for these last two courses include:

  • Weekly seminars with industry experts, government and non-government representatives and academicians.
  • Weekly field trips to government bodies and business organizations.
  • A one week internship experience in a local business organization.