Students from our partner universities are eligible to study at HELP University through an exchange programme up to a maximum of two semesters. The application and selection process for the exchange programme is administered entirely by the applying students’ own university. Prospective students should apply through the relevant officer in charge.

Students pay only their home institution’s tuition fees. No additional tuition fees are imposed by the host institution. However students are required to pay administrative fees, visa application fees, and other incidental fees. They also pay for their own living, accommodation and transport (flight and land) expenses.

Application Terms and Conditions
  • All applications are subject to the approval of the host institution.
  • All applications are also subject to the issuance of the Visa Approval Letter (VAL) by the Immigration Department of Malaysia. If your Student Pass application is unsuccessful, you will not be granted entry into the Student Exchange programmeme at HELP University.
  • If you submit any additional documents too late for us to submit the Student Pass application on your behalf, we reserve the right at all times to reject your application. Thus it is important that you submit all the relevant documents on time.
Application Procedure
  • Check if there is an exchange agreement between your university and HELP University.
  • Contact the officer in charge of the exchange programme at your university for further information about application procedures and admission requirements.
  • Browse our programme catalogue to select your course. HELP University offers a large number of undergraduate and graduate courses in English. Generally, you will only be allowed to study in the area named in the exchange agreement.
  • As an exchange student, you are advised to register for TWO subjects per short semester or FOUR subjects per long semester. This may vary according to the regulations of the relevant faculty, both in the home institution and the host institution.
  • Print out the Course Selection Form through the link. Choose your courses together with your department at your home university and complete all sections of the form.
  • Have the form signed and stamped by the officer-in-charge of the exchange programme at your home university and send the original copy to us.
  • Your course selection must be approved and signed by your home institution and HELP University. Any changes must likewise be approved and signed by both institutions. Once your application has been approved, you will be notified by the host institution.
  • The officer in your university will then inform you of the next course of action.
  • Complete the Global Mobility application form. All fields must be completed and submitted together with the required documents. Only applications received on time with full required documentation will be considered for approval.
  • All relevant documents must be certified as true copies by the authorized signatory in your institution.
  • Upon receipt of the Visa Approval Letter (VAL) you must immediately apply for a single entry pass from the Malaysian Embassy/ Malaysian Representative Office in your country or in a neighbouring country as required below
  • Once you have obtained the single entry pass, you may purchase your flight ticket and prepare to enter the exchange programme at HELP University.
  • The acceptance and approval of the application into the selected courses is entirely at the discretion of the faculty of HELP University. If a course is not available for any reason, it will be replaced by one that approximates the original.
Academic Requirements

• It is the requirement of the Malaysian Ministry of Education and Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA) that all students pursuing higher education in Malaysian institutions must meet the entry requirements of the relevant programmes.

Language Requirement

All courses in HELP are conducted in English. It is a requirement that students who apply to study in HELP must have a suitable level of English proficiency. The general requirement for entry into a degree programme is IELTS 6.0 or TOEFL 550.

Application Deadlines

January semester

  • Nomination deadline: August 31 of the preceding year
  • Document submission deadline : September 30 of the preceding year

May semester

  • Nomination deadline: December 31 of the preceding year
  • Document submission deadline : January 31 of the current year

September semester

  • Nomination deadline: April 30 of the year
  • Document submission deadline : May 30 of the current year
Documents required for submission
  • Completed Global Mobility Application Form
  • EIGHT (8) passport-size (3.5cm x 5cm) photographs with BLUE background
  • TWO (2) sets of photocopy of passport in A4 size paper (all pages from front cover to back cover) with a minimum of ONE year validity left upon commencement of the exchange semester
  • The transcripts and certificates of high school, college and university MUST be Certified True Copies, in English or English translation, and be submitted as additional documents for visa application purposes.
  • Certified True Copy of evidence of English language proficiency (applicable to those studying at institutions where English is not the main medium of instruction)
  • Course Registration Form
  • A Pre-Arrival Health Examination Report must be submitted with your application for the Student Pass (Download Form)
  • No-objection Certificate (sub-Saharan countries only)
  • Non-refundable payments

i. RM2908/USD745 upon applicationvia bank draft, money order or telegraphic transfer. The breakdown of payment is as follows based on the estimated exchange rate of RM3.40 to USD1:

a. Application fee RM1000/USD294

b. Education Malaysia Global Services Visa Processing Fee RM1113/USD285

c. Education Malaysia Global Services Medical Screening Fee RM265/USD68

d. Education Malaysia Global Services Medical Insurance RM 530*/USD136
ii. RM6520/USD1672 upon approval of visa and before arrival,via bank draft, money order or telegraphic transfer. The breakdown of payment is as follows based on the estimated exchange rate of RM3.90 to USD1:

a. Administration fee RM5000/USD1282

b. International Student Processing fee RM1520/USD390

Payment details

All payments via bank draft, money order, telegraphic transfer should be issued in favour of “HELP University Sdn Bhd”.

Name of account : HELP University Sdn Bhd

Bank draft : Attach the bank draft or money order with supporting documents to HELP University

Telegraphic transfer:
Note: You may scan and email all documents & the bank transfer slip to us ( but the physical hard copies of all the documents must be sent by courier/express post to Connie Lai and Fiona Woo of Customer Marketing Department, HELP University Sdn Bhd, No. 15, Jalan Semantan 1, Off Jalan Semantan, Bukit Damansara, 50490 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

HELP Residences application form and payment of General Deposit RM3700/USD1089 for Standard (Twin-sharing).
Accommodation information:
Application & payment details: Download HELP Accommodation Form

Scan the bank transfer slip and the accommodation application form and email them to:

Must read for Immigration Clearance & Pick Up

– International Student Services
– Pre-Departure Information

For more information on the Global Mobility programmemes, download the brochure
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