Dr Goh Chee Leong
Vice-President and Dean
PhD (Otago)
Email: gohcl@help.edu.my
Dr Goh is the President of ARUPS (ASEAN Regional Union of Psychological Societies) and the President-Elect of PSIMA (Malaysian Psychological Association). He is a consultant for many organisations including UNICEF, Maxis, Petronas, DiGi and CIMB. His interests include work psychology, stress and children’s rights.
Dr Anasuya Jegathevi Jegathesan
Senior Lecturer, Counsellor
MEd (Guidance and Counselling) (IIUM), MBA (Maastricht School of Management, PhD (UniSA)
Email: anasuyajj@help.edu.my
DrAnasuya won the 2007 Merdeka Patrons Award for outstanding scholastic achievement from the Malaysian-South Australian Business Council, and the 2007 Award for Professional Excellence from the Australian First Nations Academy for conducting positive research on minority issues. Her research areas are intercultural interaction, spiritual counselling, adolescence and ethical issues in counselling.
Dr Fredrick A. Boholst
Associate Professor
BS, MA I/O Psych (San Carlos), PhD Clinical Psych (Ateneo de Manila)
PhD Clinical Psyc (Ateneo de Manila)
Email: fredrickab@help.edu.my
DrBoholst is the vice chairperson of the Philippine Mental Health Association and a former editorial board member of the Transactional Analysis Journal. He is currently an editorial board member of Colloquia Manilana.
DrBoholst’s research interests are life positions, life scripts, psychobiography of exemplary lives and consciousness mapping.
Prof. Datin Dr Quek Ai Hwa
Professorial Chair of Career Development PhD (Malaya)
Email: quekah@help.edu.my
Prof Quek is the recipient of a UNESCO Award for promoting literacy; the Chancellory Award for her PhD thesis and 7 Academic Excellence Awards from the University of Malaya. Her research interests are mainly in counselling and effective human resource training. She has published several books and contributed to journals, including The Asian Psychologist.
Mr Eric Bryan Amaladas
Director, Consultant, Lecturer and Trainer
MCounselling (HELP), BA Psychology (Manitoba)
Email: ericbaa@help.edu.my
Eric has been actively involved in the development and delivery of youth and adult learning and leadership development programs. He has served as a consultant and a trainer to many organizations including Bank Negara and Maxis.
Dr Mohan Raj A/L William Gurubatham
Professor and Lecturer
PhD (Learning Sciences and OrganisationalBahaviour) (Iowa), MA (Mass Comm) (Leicester), MBA (Maharishi)
Email: mohanrwg@help.edu.my
Professor Mohan acquired many years of consulting experience in global consulting firms in technology, change management, e-branding and learning. He is a TC3 working member of the International Federation of Information
Processing within UNESCO and is in charge of evolving the best practice and research on ICT and education.
Dr Viren Swami
Adjunct Academic and Research Fellow
PhD (London), BSc (First Class Hons) Psychology (London)
Email: v.swami@westminster.ac.uk
Viren Swami’s research interests are interpersonal attraction, the promotion of positive body image, and individual differences. He is the author of The Missing Arms of Venus de Milo and (with Adrian Furnham) The Psychology of Physical Attraction, and the editor of Evolutionary Psychology: A Critical Introduction.
Pn Fatimah Haron
Senior Lecturer
MA Early Childhood Education (Tennessee)
Email: fatimahh@help.edu.my
Fatimah has been an evaluator with the Malaysian Qualifications Agency since 1999 and was involved in the UNICEF HELP Bully Prevention and Positive Discipline Project. She has participated in various research projects in the areas of child and educational psychology.
Dr Ng Yin Lu
BA Psych (First Class Hons) (Queensland), PhD (UniSA)
Email: ngyl@help.edu.my
Dr Ng was a recipient of the UniSA President’s Scholarship and Dean’s Commendation for High Achievement at the University of Queensland. She is actively involved in a diversity of research and her consulting work has included handling human resource issues in organizations and helping organizations to manage their employees more effectively..
Ms Siew Ju Li
MEd (Educational Psychology) (Malaya)
Email: siewjl@help.edu.my
MsSiew has a keen interest in the area of child psychology, parenting and education. Her research interests revolve around family dynamics, child and parenting issues, teachers’ burnout and media literacy. Her passionis to see children develop holistically and to help parents (and students) understand various issues pertaining to child development.
Ms Jocelyn Tan
BPsychHons, MClinical Psych (HELP)
Email: jocelyn.tan@help.edu.my
Ms Jocelyn was a First Class Honours graduate of the Psychology program in HELP and she later completed her Masters in Clinical Psychology in HELP. She is interested in researching the role of religion in mental health, families and parenting issues. She currently lectures on Politics and Psychology and the Psychology of Religion.
Mr Alex Lui An Lieh
MPsych (Clinical and Counselling) (IIUM)
Email: luial@help.edu.my
Alex is a member of the Malaysian Society of Clinical Psychology. He has been involved in child welfare services for more than 12 years. His interests are in youth development, child protection against abuse and the juvenile justice system.
Dr Eugene Tee
PhD Management (University of Queensland)
Email: teeyj@help.edu.my
Dr Tee’s research focuses on the impact of emotions in a leadership and organisational context. He has a specific interest in the application of Emotional Intelligence (EQ) in the workplace as well as in the role of emotional contagion in leader-follower interactions.
Ms Teresita M. Gutierrez
Senior Lecturer
MA Psychology (Philippine Women’s University)
Email: teresitamg@help.edu.my
Teresita’s interests are in guidance and counselling as well as organizational mental issues. She has conducted training sessions with organizations all over the region and is currently pursuing her PhD in Guidance and Counselling..
Ms Bawany Chinapan
MSocSc (Counselling and Psychotherapy) (Edith Cowan)
Email: bawanyc@help.edu.my
Bawany has 20 years’ experience in education. She has worked with YayasanStrategikSosial, helping underprivileged youngsters to improve their academic performance. Her interest is in couples and adolescence counselling.
Dr Chua Sook Ning
PhD (McGill), MA (Waterloo), BA (McGill)
Email: sook.ning@help.edu.my
Dr Chua SookNing is a practicing clinical psychologist. She received her training at the Jewish General Hospital in Montreal, Quebec. Her research interests are self-regulation, motivation and interpersonal relationships. She is currently collaborating with Dr Richard Koestner (McGill) and DrFrédérickPhillipe (UQAM) researching cross-cultural differences in autonomy support, and the consequences of autonomy support on political engagement, respectively.
Mr Kumaresan A Ramalingam
Consultant, Senior Lecturer and Trainer
MA (Distinction) (Counselling) (DeLa Salle)
Email: kumarr@help.edu.my
Kumar was a member of the World Vision East Timor research team. He has a keen interest in Counselling, Personal Growth and Development and their applications..
Ms Ruth Goh Heng Chin
MSc Comparative Social Policy (Oxford University), BSc (Hons) Psych (York)
Email: goh.heng.chin@help.edu.my
Ruth’s areas of interests are development of education (from early childhood education to secondary education) and community development (in the context of diverse cultures and traditions). Her research interests are in raising literacy and reducing educational inequalities for disadvantaged children..
Dr Gentaro Shishimi
PhD (University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa)
Email: gentaro.shisimi@help.edu.my
Gentaro obtained his BA and MA in Psychology from KwanseiGakuin University, Japan, where his research focused on spatial learning and memory in rats. In 2013 he obtained his PhD in Psychology from University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa, USA, where he researched working memory and concept learning in honeybees. His background is in animal learning and cognition, but he is also interested in human learning and cognition from the perspective of comparative psychology, in which similarities and differences among species have been found..
Ms Sydnedé Lim
Counselor and Lecturer
BSc Psych (Canterbury), MCounseling (HELP) (KB, PA)
Email: sydnede.lim@help.edu.my
Sydnedé is a certified Life Coach and Satir practitioner. She volunteers her time in All Women’s Action Society and Assunta Hospital. Her area of focus includes career guidance and counseling, as well as providing individual, couples, and family therapy..
Ms Azlina Amir Kassim
MSHc (Clinical & Counselling Psyc) (IIUM)
Email: azlina.amirkassim@help. edu.my
Azlina’s interest is in the area of clinical psychology. She is particularly keen in research involving children exposed to violence; as well as psychological testing. She is currently pursuing her PhD in Psychology..
Ms Sybella Ng
BA, Psychology (U of Central Oklahoma), MA, Developmental Psychology (Columbia U)
Email: sybella.ng@help.edu.my
Sybella has worked with children from various cultures for over 7 years. Her area of focus is child development and she is interested in researching risk and resilience factors in underprivileged, abused, and neglected children as well as intervention programs for children at risk in Malaysia..
Dr Cameron Teoh
PhD (Otago University)
Email: cameron.teoh@help.edu.my
Cameron recently completed her PhD in Psychology and Human-Computer Interaction at Otago University, New Zealand, where she researched computer-mediated communication. She studied part of her undergraduate Psychology degree at HELP University, and completed her BA (1st Class Honours) at Otago. Her research interests are in human factors and ergonomics, humancomputer interaction, and usability and user experience issues..
Ms May Hoe TsokPheng
Consultant and Lecturer
BS in Psychology (Southern Oregon University)
Email: may.hoe@help.edu.my
May has completed her BS in Psychology (Magna Cum Laude) in Southern Oregon University, USA. She is also an Aston Business Assessment (ABA) Certified Trait Assessor running assessments for behavioral interviews and work-place coaching. She has extensive experience working in the education line as well as the training field in the areas of career and soft skills development. May is currently in the process of completing her Masters in Counselling in HELP University.