To further enhance its status as a centre for research excellence, the HELP
Psychology Department has established 11 research centres covering a diverse range of research interests.

Centre for Work Psychology and Leadership

Aim: To examine how psychology can help organisations be more successful and adaptive by better understanding and managing their talents.

Does Appropriate Emotions Display Influence Leadership Effectiveness?

Dr Eugene Tee and Dr Ng Yin Lu’s research examines the effect of expressed leader emotions on followers’ perceived effectiveness of their leader, in collaboration with Dr Neil Paulsen from the University of Queensland.

Work Related Stress in Malaysia
Dr Goh Chee Leong has been conducting research on the root causes of workplace stress in Malaysia involving over 20 organisations.

Leadership and Talent Management Models
Dr Ng Yin Lu and Dr Goh Chee Leong are collaborating with Leaderonomics, a leadership consulting firm, to establish a developmental psychology perspective of leadership.

Understanding and Interpreting the Drivers of the Knowledge Economy
Professor Mohan R. Gurubatham is actively researching and synthesising models in the Knowledge Economy (K-economy) with colleagues in the US and Finland. He examines the drivers that induce the diffusion and adoption of ICT globally.

Centre for Creative Therapy

Aim: Create a unique avenue incorporating expressive arts, where supportive relationships are established and where coping skills are enhanced resulting in a happy, resilient and productive citizenry.

Music Therapy
James Yeow, a qualified music therapist who is a leader of the Malaysia Music Therapy Association, runs regular music therapy workshops with students, staff and members of the public.

Centre for Special Educational Needs

Aim: Promote inclusion and support inclusive practices in early years settings, primary and secondary mainstream schools and institutions of higher learning nationwide for students with Special Education Needs (SEN). Dr Caroline Gomez, Fatimah Haron and Sybella Ng are working on a research to assess the knowledge, beliefs, and perception on special educational needs among teachers in Malaysia. The outcome of this research can support efforts toward raising awareness on SEN in addition to improving educational provision for SEN students in Malaysia.

Centre for Memory

Aim: Understand and improve memory such as working memory and recognition memory.

Testing and enhancing working memory
Dr Gentaro Shishimi aims to study the benefits and limitations of working memory training methods. These research findings will help us to understand and improve working memory.

Recognition Memory
Azlina Amir Kassim’s research focuses on various factors like sequence of modality and and how semantic congruency can affect recognition memory. She is also looking at how Event Related Potentials (ERPs) relate to recognition memory.

Centre for Significant Living:
The Good Life

Aim: Equip individuals with workable, practical knowledge from the psychological sciences, so they will be able to lead healthier, more meaningful lives

Emotions and Followership

Dr Eugene Tee is conducting a study on social activism and the role of emotions in motivating individuals to participate in social activism programmes

Dr Eugene Tee is also working with his undegraduate students to write and publish a book on understanding emotions titled the A to Z Book of Emotions”.

Centre for Family & Parenting

Aim: Provide parents with resources and services to build strong families in the efforts to enhance family relationships, as well as to helping parents support their children in achieving their full potential.

P.A.C.I.F.I.C (Parents And Children In Families and In Cultures)
This project lead by Fatimah Haron and Professor Quek is a collaborative project among researchers in the USA, China, Japan, Taiwan , Thailand and Turkey. The purpose of this study is to examine the socio-emotional development of preschool children and its predictors across these diverse cultural settings.

Centre for Health and Eating Behavior

Aim: Understanding Malaysian consumer behaviour and food culture, and how they impact the health and wellbeing of Malaysians.

Body Image Issues in Malaysian Adolescents and Young Adults
In collaboration with colleagues Teresita Gutierrez and Siew Ju Li, Dr Hera Lukman studied body image issues in Malaysian adolescents and young adults. Studies were carried out to investigate the relationship between body image perception and a few well-established consequences of body image dissatisfaction such as eating pathology, low self-esteem and depression.

Eating Culture in Malaysia

Aim: Understanding Malaysian consumer behaviour and food culture, and how they impact the health and wellbeing of Malaysians.

Esmeralda Ng is working with her undergraduate students to explore eating culture in Malaysia. Som examples of student research carried out for her Psychology of Eating class include: “The Lived Experience of Cafe Hoppers: An Exploration into Cafe Culture”, Eat Hot: An Exploratory Study of Confinement Food among Malaysian Chinese” and “Makan in Malaysia: An Observational Study”.

Centre for School and Educational Psychology

Aim: To provide support for schools through the introduction of psychological assessments, improved teaching practices, and the strengthening of school counseling and support systems.

Learning Enhancement Study among Students of Chinese Independent Schools
This on-going research project is a joint effort to explore students’ motivation in academic planning and career planning. The team of researchers comprising Professor Datin Dr Quek Ai Hwa, Bawany Chinapan and Yap Yee Aun have completed intervention programs for Kuang Hua High School, Klang, Selangor, Pay Fong High School, Malacca and Pei Hwa High School, Muar, Johor.

Strengthening Cognitive Microskills
Dr Cameron Teoh, Dr Gentaro Shishimi and Dr Goh Chee Leong are working with the Singapore Brain Centre to develop a training protocol which can help young students strengthen basic cognitive functions like working memory, visual scanning and concentration, which will improve higher order cognitive functions.

Center for Ergonomics and Cognitive Engineering

Aim: Design and evaluate interfaces, tasks, processes, tools, workspaces, mobile applications, modern consumer technology and conducting usability tests and preparing reports/ recommendations for clients regarding product/interface design.

Research in Cyberpsychology

Dr Cameron Teoh and Dr Grainne Kirwan are conducting research in the area of
cyberpsychology and human computer interaction. This includes studies on the
effects of e-reading on cognition, in particular memory and studying, and a study on virtual reality and augmented reality.

Research in Human Computer Interactions

Dr Cameron Teoh is working with her undergraduate students to conduct usability testing of websites and other digital interfaces, social, personality and cognitive aspects of Youtube “Let’s Play” videos. Other projects include the redesign of mobile apps & websites using user-centred design principles.

Center for Unity, Diversity and Peace

Aim: Advance academic and public understanding of key issues facing Malaysian society from the perspectives of community, social, and political psychology, with a particular focus on intergroup relations and leadership.

Project for National Unity and Harmony

In February 2014: all HELP Psychology undergraduate students worked in small groups to develop proposals on how to strengthen unity and harmony between different racial and religious groups in Malaysia using theories in Social Psychology. All in all, over 200 proposals were submitted and the best 20 proposals were compiled into a book, which was delivered to policy makers and leaders.

Understanding the Roots of Intergroup Prejudice and Fear

Elaine Fernandez and Dr Goh Chee Leong are working with the Malaysian Psychology Association to conduct a research examining the roots of stereotypes and fear among different racial groups in Malaysia. The goal is to find ways to prevent and reduce prejudice.

Centre for Grief and Post Disaster Response

Faces of Grief: Intercultural Grief

Bereavement and grief are experienced by all people. Dr Anasuya Jegathesan’s research addresses bereavement, grief and recovery across cultures in Malaysia and seeks to develop practical tools that can be used by therapists to help their clients’ journey through grief.

Disaster Response Outreach

In the aftermath of the MAS plane tragedies, Dr Anasuya and Bawany Chinapan provided grief counseling and support to the families affected.