The HELP Psychology Challenge 2015
“Understanding Minds, Empowering Lives”

Dear Students,

Welcome to the HELP Psychology Challenge 2015! Seize your chance to win a full scholarship to study psychology at the largest and most established Psychology program in Malaysia! To be eligible to enter the grand finals, you will need to answer 6 short answer questions correctly and write a short essay on the topic below. The essay should be no more than 300 words.

First Round:

Contestants will have to complete BOTH sections to be eligible for a spot in the Grand Finals:

Section 1: Short Answer Questions

Answer the following 6 questions correctly and you are on your way to securing a seat in the grand finals.

1. Under the Bachelor of Psychology (Hons) program, name 3 third year psychology papers/modules.

2. Name 5 examples of careers that psychology graduates can enter into.

3. Name 1 UNICEF research project that HELP’s psychology department has been involved in.

4. Name 3 HELP psychology graduates who are completing PhDs overseas.

5. Name 2 academic staff from the Department of Psychology.

6. Name 1 postgraduate program offered by the Department of Psychology.

Hint: Answers can be found on our website at , or from our HELP Psychology degree brochure.

Section 2: Essay Title

Write an essay of not more than 300 words on the following topic:

“How can Psychology help Malaysians in times of crisis such as the disappearance of MH 370 and East Coast floods?”

The essay should reflect a clear and comprehensive understanding of psychology and demonstrate the ability to apply relevant ideas in psychology to real life issues.

Submission Guidelines:

a) Each contestant may enter only one submission

b) All entries must reach us by 7th August 2015.

      Via email : Only the first entry received via email from each contestant is counted. Subsequent revised versions will not be entertained.

      Via post : Manuscripts by post cannot be returned, so contestant should keep a copy of their work.

c) Each entry must have a cover page. On the upper left hand corner of the cover page, list the following:

  •  Applicant’s full name
  •  Mailing address
  •  Phone number (home and mobile number)
  •  NRIC number and age (as of birthday in 2015)
  •  Email address
  •  Applicant’s school name

Note: Entries which do not include the above information will not be entertained.

d) Please provide page numbers for all the pages.

Note: Cover page will not be counted as part of the page number count

e) Your submission should follow the following format:

Page 1: Short Answer Questions

1. ____________

2. ____________

3. ____________

4. ____________

5. ____________

6. ____________

Page 2: Essay

f) All submissions must be typed, double-spaced, in English, Times New Roman size 12 and must be the original work of the contestant.

g) Entries will be judged on the basis of originality of thought, insight into the psychology experience, effective and logical development of thesis and other relevant factors such as consideration of contrary evidence, effective use of resources, and elegance of style.

h) The panel of judges will select 50 finalists to compete in the final stage of the Challenge.

Submission Deadline for both sections: 7th August 2015

Send your essay with your personal information to:

Department of Psychology
Level 8, Wisma HELP,
Jalan Dungun, Damansara Heights,
50490 Kuala Lumpur,

Email it to


Grand Finals: 15th August 2015

The 50 chosen finalists will participate in the grand finals which will be held at HELP University. The finalists will listen to a lecture by our Dean, Dr Goh Chee Leong in the morning. After lunch, they will then complete a written test and compete in a quiz based on the lecture. The short-listed three finalists will then have to present a short speech based on their essay topic to determine the winner.

Note that no pre-reading needs to be done before coming for the finals.

**Each school is free to submit as many entries as possible for the first round. However, each student can only submit one entry. Students are also welcome to submit individual entries directly to HELP.


Eligibility Rules

The contest is open to local students aged 15-20 years who are currently enrolled in secondary schools in Malaysia and are registered in Form 3 to Form 6 (or equivalent) and international students who are currently enrolled in Year 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12.



The names of winners will be published on HELP’s Department of Psychology website by 24th August, 2015



Prizes for the Psychology Challenge 2015 are as follows:


School Cash Prize (RM)

Scholarship (RM)


Form 3, Form 4, Form 5 and Lower 6 ContestantsUpper 6 Contestants



Full Scholarship covering HELP Foundation (1 Year) and BPsych Degree (3 years) at HELP worth over RM88,200Full scholarship covering BPsych Degree (3 years) at HELP worth over RM 68,200



Partial Scholarship covering HELP Foundation (1 Year) and BPsych Degree (3 years) at HELP worth over RM44,100Partial Scholarship covering BPsych Degree (3 years) at HELP worth over RM34,100



Partial Scholarship covering HELP Foundation (1 Year) and BPsych Degree (3 years) at HELP worth over RM22,050Partial scholarship covering BPsych Degree (3 years) at HELP worth over RM17,050
Prizes for other FinalistsBook Prizes
Schools with the most accepted entries (with a minimum of 50 entries per school)


All contestants are invited to the Final Challenge on 15th August 2015 at HELP University

Should you have further queries pertaining to the Psychology Challenge 2015, kindly email: or call the Department of Psychology at 03-2711 2000