Programme Overview

You will get a range of practical, creative and academic skills to prepare you for a career in marketing. Our academics fill the course with their varied experiences of real life marketing. You will benefit from guest speakers from industry so you can apply what you are learning to real situations. You can take an optional placement year.

About the Course

Modern day marketing is all about developing ways of better understanding consumers, their lifestyles and choices. It’s a popular subject which will suit you if you’re looking for a career in advertising and the media, public relations, sales, promotions and events management, market research, marketing management and operations. Through real projects and briefs, this course will introduce you to a wide range of marketing disciplines including advertising, social media, branding and public relations. You’ll learn how to develop advertising briefs, identify target markets, and understand consumers and how to write for and manage media.

How You Will Learn

The first stage will introduce you to the fundamentals of marketing and how marketing functions in a real business. At the second and final stage you’ll start to specialise in marketing. We use a wide range of teaching methods including formal lectures, problem-solving tutorials, seminar discussion groups, group and individual projects and directed reading. You’ll be assessed by a combination of continuous assessment and examinations.

Career Opportunities
  • Marketer
  • Marketing Consultants
  • Product Developers
  • Brand Managers
  • Public Relations
  • Sales Representatives
  • Advertising Agents
  • Researchers
Level / YearModule CodeModule Name
Year 1 (Level 4)
4AG500 Finance and Business Performance
4MK505 Marketing Fundamentals
4HR500 Understanding People in Organisations
4LO500 Managing Performance in Operations
4EC501 Markets, Prices & Strategy
4IM500 Developing Personal Leadership
Year 2 (Level 5)
5HR501 Employability & Personal Development
5EC500* Data Analysis Skills (Data Analysis Skills Semester 1 & 2)
5MK502 Marketing Communications & Branding
5MK500 Digital & Social Media
5IM500 Business Simulation
5MK501 Ethics & Social Responsibility
Year 3 (Level 6)
6MK503 Marketing Across Cultures
6IM501 (I) Issues in Global Business: Part I
6MK501 Consumer Behaviour
6MK505 Sustainability & Ethics in Marketing
6IM501 (II) Issues in Strategic Concepts : Part II
6MK500 Brand Impact & Popular Culture
Note: *These modules area a year through modules.
 Subject CodeSubject NameRemark
MPU 1 MPU3113* Hubungan Etnik* Must do 2
MPU3123* Tamadun Islam dan Tamadun Asia (TITAS)
MPU3143** Bahasa Melayu Komunikasi 3
MPU3173** Pengajian Malaysia 3
MPU 2 MPU3213 Bahasa Kebangsaan A Choose 1
MPU3223 Leadership and Life Skills
MPU3233 Leadership in Business
MPU 3 MPU3313 Comparative Ethics for Malaysia Choose 1
MPU3323 Malaysian Constitution
MPU3363 Issues of the Social Media on Malaysian Society
MPU3343 Career Pathways in the field of Behavioral Sciences in Malaysia
MPU 4 MPU3412 Co-Curriculum - Sports 2 Choose 1
MPU3422 Co-Curriculum - Community Service 2
MPU3423 Co-Curriculum - Event Management

Notes :
* For Local Students
** For International Students
*** Local students without credit for SPM's Bahasa Melayu must do MPU3213

 Subject CodeSubject Name
DOMS Compulsory Subjects AES001 Reflective Practice
AES002 Listening, Reading & Writing Skills
Internship AIP021 Preparation for Career Management : Internship Programme
AIT021 Industrial Training : Part 1
AIT031 Industrial Training : Part 2


The Business Management programme is accredited by Chartered Management Institute’s (CMI’s) where students will be enrolled as Affiliate Membership and receive an Advance Diploma in Management and Leadership.