To commercial radio and television stations, even the best programmes will only attract little advertising interest without an audience. It is through smart programme scheduling and audience promotion that a station seeks to persuade people to continue to tune in or to sample its programming.  The station intensity to promote its progarmmes to secure a significant auidence base and sales promotion can attract advertisers and their advertising agencies to buy advertising time or programme sponsorship.

This two-day course therefore places high emphasis on the responsibilities of the two most important departments: the programme and marketing departments. The course will explore the roles of these departments in sourcing broadcast programmes. It will also analyze the strategies they employ to schedule these programmes for maximum effect as well as how they package the programmes for specific sponsors according to their needs for corporate and brand visibility.


For any electronic media organization, audience comes first before it can attract advertisers and sponsors to a programme.  Therefore, understanding how to source, schedule and market its shows is a very important determinant of its financial success.

The course will be of specific benefit to electronic media organizations and students and lecturers in media management constantly looking for experts who can combine effective programme scheduling and marketing of their shows.  It is equally beneficial to advertisers and TV programme sponsors on how you can organize joint promotions with the station.

The success of electronic media organizations rests on their ability to hold an audience from one programme to another. Using proven case studies and delivered by experience trainers, this course will provide scheduling and marketing strategies that will entice advertisers and programme.


At the end of the training programme, participants will develop the following competencies, and will be able to:

  1. Gain a working understanding of the relationship between electronic media organisations and advertisers and/or sponsors.
  2. Describe in a more tangible manner, a broadcast programme will be promoted via pre- publicity and continuous promotions to build the desired target audience build-up.
  3. Strategize the programme pricing in a win-win situation for the media organisation and the various programme sponsors.
  4. Gain greater confidence when negotiating with advertising agencies and advertisers.
  5. Recommend and present to management a rational argument to illustrate the strength and viability of your programme scheduling, promotions and pricing package.


  • TV and radio programmers
  • Advertisers and TV Programme Sponsors
  • Lecturers and graduate students of universities the offer courses in Television and Radio Management and Electronic Media Management.

This training will be held as a two (2) day-course as follows:

8:30 a.m.


9.00am – 10.45am

Welcome & Brief on Training

Session 1

Brief on Electronic Media Scene in M’sia:
Audience Demographic & Advertising Trend

10.45am – 11.00am

Break – Morning Tea



11.00am – 1.00noon

Session 2
TV & Radio Programming Concepts & Strategies
Formats, Scheduling Factors & Strategies, & Sources of Programs

1.00noon – 2.00pm

Lunch Break





2.00pm – 3.30pm

Session 3

Understanding & Analyses of Audience Data

Characteristics of audience by TV & Radio Channels, & Viewership & Listenership Patterns





3.30pm – 3.45m

Coffee Break 

3.45pm – 5.00pm

Session 4

Situation Analysis: Tripartite Relationship between Advertisers, Ad Agencies & TV/Radio Organisations

Responsibilities & Expectations

8:30am – 9:00am


10:45 a.m.


Selling the Airtime:  CPM & Audience Factors 

  • Sale Policies, Rate card, Discount, & Bonus Spots

10.45am – 11.00am

Tea Break

11.00am – 1.00noon


Techniques of Selling Spots & Sponsorships

  • Writing the Proposal, Presenting & Adds-on

1.00noon – 2.00pm

Lunch Break

2.00pm – 3.30pm

[Group Simulation Exercise]

Writing Winnable Sponsorship Proposal 

Each group is given product brief & client’s requirement. Simulation exercise:  Members are required to write sponsorship proposal 

3.30pm – 3.45pm

Working Coffee Break

3.45pm – 5.00pm


Presentation of group proposals

5.00pm – 5.30pm

Session 9

Closing and Award of Certificates


  • Kamar Azman Kamaruzaman has more than 20 years’ experience in the communication industry; especially in advertising, event management and video production.  He is most qualified to organize training related to persuasion, marketing, and media planning.  Currently Kamar is a senior lecturer in the Faculty of Communication, HELP University.  He has a MSc Advertising, Ohio University; and a BA Mass Communication, UiTM.

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    Kamar Azman Kamaruzaman
  • Facilitator – Floy Yap is a senior lecturer of the Faculty of Communication, HELP University.  He has extensive experience in the new media after shouldering the position Senior Management Consultant in East-West Communication Academy; Head of e-Commerce at Acozon.com Sdn Bhd; Assistant to Deputy President of Malayan Banking Bhd., and Manager of Marketing Operation e-Learning, Net Space Learning Sdn Bhd.  Floy’s working experience includes producer, scriptwriter and host of a radio programme at Astro and RTM’s Radio 5 dan Voice of Malaysia.  He has a MA Education and Communication Technology, New York University; and a BA Mass Communication and Psychology, University of Wisconsin.

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    Floy Yap
  • Dr Khairuddin Othman is the dean of the Faculty of Communication, HELP University.  He worked for 14 years in TV3, beginning as Senior Research Executive and his last position before retirement was CEO of the station’s subsidiary TV3 Ghana Ltd., based in Accra, Ghana.  Before this, he was the General Manager of another TV3’s subsidiary Production Techniques Sdn Bhd., involved in TV programme and advertising production.  He used to conduct training for the officers of Ministries of Communication and Multimedia, Health, and National Council for Household and Family Development.  Dr Khairuddin has a Ph.D in Film Production Management, UiTM; and MSc Mass Communication (Advertising), Boston University.

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    Dr Khairuddin Othman
    Head Facilitator
  • Thursday & Friday, 20 – 21 July, 2017
  • Thursday & Friday 3 – 4 August, 2017

Participants will be provided with:

  • Notes and presentation slides.
  • A Certificate of Attendance.
PROGRAMME FEES (pricing per participant)

The programme fees:

  • RM 1,800 per participant (inclusive of 4-daily refreshments of breakfast, coffee break, lunch, & tea break).


  • Student participants can avail of a 50% discount on the programme fees (limited places available).
  • Corporate package for not more than 20 participants (RM 15,000)

VENUE:   HELP Residence, Bukit Damansara, KUALA LUMPUR


For further enquiries or information on the course, please contact Ms. Joyce Ong at the Faculty of Communication, HELP University.

Telephone: 603-2711 2000

Email: joyce.ong@help.edu.my

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