Course Details:

An Honours degree in tourism and Hospitality management is like a passport to the entire globe. managerial level graduates are in high demand across all sectors of the service industry. Skills shortages in hospitality and tourism are well recognized and the industry is in critical need of more management level hospitality and tourism professionals.

The HELP programs in Hospitality and tourism explore the industry from a social, economic and environmental perspective and equip students with advanced knowledge about tourism and hospitality. these programs provide graduates from a range of disciplines with the skills needed to sustainably manage tourism products, hospitality resources and management practices. it offers exposure to diverse areas such as tourism analysis and strategy, tourism systems analysis, sustainable tourism and hospitality practices, global destination competitiveness, economic decision making in hospitality, tourist behavior, sustainability and marketing.

At HELP, our history comes with many years of accumulated knowledge and experience in delivering world-class tourism and hospitality courses that produce versatile and ambitious graduates who are able meet the challenges of working in the tourism and hospitality industries anywhere in the world. the training at HELP University will enable the students to immerse themselves in the real world of Hospitality and tourism.

Dr Souji Gopalakrishna Pillai
Head, School of Hospitality and touris

Student Activities – The HELP Tour Club

The HELP tour club was established to encourage a closer community among the students within the School of Hospitality and tourism through student based activities.

  • HELP Tour Club Evening
    An evening to promote the importance of the HELP tour club, present the culture of travel, tourism and hospitality for both operators and customers, and introduce the tourism protocol, hospitality culture and dining etiquette.
  • HELP F&B Fiesta
    Promoting the culture of beverages and methods of serving from different countries and societies, and connecting representatives from beverage production and preparation companies with students and consumers
  • HELP World Tourism Day
    Highlighting the quality of students’ achievements and projects, promoting the School’s education programs, connecting the representatives from tourism companies and associations with students and teachers, and celebrating the culture and spirit of tourism as a global phenomenon.
Faculty :
  • Andrew has worked with several conglomerates. His lecturing background spans from hospitality management to strategic management on internal to various external programs. His unique way to connect to his students is his trait to extend the boundaries of higher education to boundless. Andrew is currently doing his doctorate degree and actively engaged in research on tourism and hospitality areas.

    Andrew Woon Sy-Jeen
    BA Hospitality Industry Mgmt (Gloucestershire), MBA (Cardiff Metropolitan) Lecturer
  • Rajesvare has worked with international travel and tour agencies including Air France, Reliance Travel, and for events like the Malaysian Formula 1 Grand Prix. She has over 9 years’ experience in teaching tourism and event management subjects in local universities.

    Rajesvare Rada
    B Int Tourism and Event Mgmt (Toulouse), M Int Tourism & Hosp Mgmt (Toulouse) Lecturer
  • Lucy has over 30 years’ experience of the tourism industry. She worked in Malaysia Airlines in marketing and training, and now conducts training programs for travel agents. She was one of three master trainers selected by the ministry of tourism to conduct training for frontline staff throughout Malaysia. Lucy is an accredited trainer with the ministry of tourism.

    Lucy valentine Eruthayam
    Dip Training & Dev (Malaya), MA (Bournemouth), Assoc Dip (TESOL) (LTTC) Lecturer
  • Datin Hazarah Haji Mohamed
    Dip Hotel Mgmt (UiTM), BBA (Ohio), PG Dip Int Hotel Mgmt (Surrey), MBA (Oklahoma City)