Course Details:

The BIT (Hons) Mobile Computing offered by HELP University is a three year course that prepares students for a career in the mobile telecommunication industries. The programme will equip students with the capabilities and versatility of mobile technologies, and trends in mobile business and user applications.

Recognising the demand for new rapidly evolving areas of IT such as mobile technology, we have established the Center for Mobile Technology to streamline the adoption of the latest technologies into our curriculum. We put a high premium on instilling students with the expertise and skills to take on the new challenges of a career in IT and Mobile Computing. Graduates may find employment as computing professionals in both the commercial and technical sectors of the computing and mobile communications technology industries. Employers might be in manufacturing, commerce, small businesses, financial enterprises, public utilities or education.

The Diploma in Information Technology encompasses a thorough grounding in the fundamental skills as well as providing a theoretical understanding which is vital for an IT graduate. Students will be exposed to JAVA programming,, HTML, J2ME, Java Scripting as well as networking and business communication. Lifelong learning skills are integrated into the Level One units with emphasis on critical thinking skills and personal excellence. They are also taught communication and personal skills to enable them to interact effectively in the demanding workforce.

7 Compulsory Subjects
  • Introduction to Information Technology
  • Introduction to Database Systems
  • Introduction to Data Communications
  • Introduction to Operating Systems
  • Internet Services
  • Programming in JAVA I
  • Discrete Mathematics
Elective Subjects (choose 2)
  • Introduction to Programming
  • Application of Mathematics in IT
  • Multimedia Systems
4 Compulsory Subjects
  • Mobile Communications
  • Introduction to Mobile Apps
  • Programming in JAVA II
  • Object-Oriented Analysis and Design
Elective Subjects (choose 4)
  • Software Engineering Principles
  • Computer Networks
  • Object-Oriented Programming in C++
  • User Experience Design
  • Introduction to Computer Systems Engineering
  • IT and Entrepreneurship
  • Web Programming
  • Web Development with JAVA
  • Multivariate Calculus & Ordinary Differential Equations
  • Computer Forensics
  • Cloud Computing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Data Structures and Algorithms
  • Digital Communications
  • Free Elective (from IT Year 2)
  • Free Elective (from IT Year 2)
Year 3
7 Compulsory Subjects
  • Mobile Technology Mini Project
  • IT Project Management
  • Final Year Project I
  • Final Year Project II
  • Business Plan Development
  • Mobile Applications Development
  • Industrial Internship
Elective Subjects (choose 1)
  • Mobile Game Development
  • Wireless and Mobile Networks
  • IT Ethics and Security

5 Compulsory Mata Pelajaran Pengajian Umum (MPU) subjects

MPU1 (to do 2 subjects)
  • MPU3113 Hubungan Etnik (Malaysian students)
  • MPU3123 Tamadun Islam dan Tamadun Asia (Malaysian students)
  • MPU3143 Bahasa Melayu Komunikasi 2 (International students)
  • MPU3173 Pengajian Malaysia 3 (International students)
MPU2 (choose 1)
  • MPU3213 Bahasa Kebangsaan A*
  • MPU3233 Leadership in Business
    * For Malaysian students without a credit in SPM Bahasa Melayu
MPU3 (choose 1)
  • MPU3313 Comparative Ethics for Malaysia
  • MPU3323 Malaysian Constitution
  • MPU3353 Personal Financial Planning in Malaysia
  • MPU3363 Issues of the Social Media on Malaysian Society
  • MPU3343 Career Pathways in the field of Behavioral Sciences in Malaysia
MPU4 (choose 1)
  • MPU3412 Co-curriculum – Sports 2
  • MPU3422 Co-curriculum – Community Service 2
  • MPU3432 Co-curriculum – Event Management 2
  • Introduction to Computer Graphics and Game Development
  • Game Design
  • 3D Modelling
  • Game Level Design
  • Multiplayer Games Development
  • Management Information Systems
  • Introduction to Business Intelligence
  • Advanced Database Systems
  • Statistics and Data Visualization
  • Object-Oriented Analysis and Design
  • User Experience Design
  • Programming in Java II
  • Computer Systems and Networks
  • Object – Oriented Programming in C++
  • Data Structures and Algorithms
  • Multivariate Calculus & Ordinary Differential Equations
  • Web Programming
  • Computer Forensics
  • Mobile Communications
  • Introduction to Computer Systems Engineering
  • Introduction to Mobile Apps
  • Software Engineering Principles

Any one of the following:

  • HELP Foundation in Arts/ Foundation in Science
  • Recognized Matriculation or Foundation with CGPA 2.0
  • 2 STPM Grade C
  • 2 A-Level passes
  • 5 Bs in Senior Middle 3 (UEC) (including Mathematics)
  • 5 CPU passes with a minimum average of 50%
  • 5 SAM/TEE examination passes with a university aggregate of 50%


  • A credit in Mathematics / Additional Mathematics** at SPM level or equivalent


  • A Diploma in Computer Science, Information Systems, Information Technology, Software Engineering or equivalent with a minimum CGPA of 2.50 and a credit in Mathematics / Additional Mathematics** at SPM level or its equivalent.

Candidates with CGPA below 2.50 but above 2.00 with a credit in Mathematics / Additional Mathematics** at SPM level or its equivalent may be admitted subject to a rigorous internal assessment process

  • Any other Diploma with a minimum CGPA of 2.50, AND a credit in Mathematics / Additional Mathematics** at SPM level or equivalent
  • Equivalent qualification

Note: ** A credit in Additional Mathematics at SPM level or equivalent is required for the Bachelor of Computer Science (Hons) Games and Interactive Media.

January, April*, May, August, October*

* This intake is only applicable for those entering the programme without being granted any exemption.

Together with our industry partners HELP University is pleased to offer scholarships for HELP information technology (IT) programmes. These include the Diploma in IT; Bachelor of IT (Hons); BIT (Hons) Business information Management; BIT (Hons) Mobile Computing; and B Comp Sc (Hons) Games and Interactive Media.

These programmes have been developed in consultation with the IT industry to ensure that graduates are prepared for the requirements of practice. We offer a mix of academic and workplace learning environments. When they graduate, our students embark on exciting careers with our industry partners. The Scholarship Scheme is part of a joint effort to develop a strong core of Malaysian IT professionals with the talent, skill sets and ability to contribute meaningfully to the IT sector. Our students have opportunities to acquire industry knowledge even while studying in university.

The scholarship is summarized in the table below –


  • Up to 50% Tuition Fee Waiver for Year 1 (including THREE (3) MPU subjects).
  • Up to 50% Tuition Fee Waiver for Year 2 (including ONE (1) MPU subject), if CGPA ≥ 3.25 in Year 1 subjects.


  • Up to 50% Tuition Fee Waiver for Year 1 (including THREE (3) MPU subjects).
  • Up to 50% Tuition Fee Waiver for Year 2 (including TWO (2) MPU subjects), if CGPA ≥ 3.25 in Year 1 subjects.
  • Up to 50% Tuition Fee Waiver for Year 3, if CGPA ≥ 3.25 in Year 2 subjects.
Entry RequirementsDIPLOMA
Any one of –

  • 5As in SPM, including a pass in Bahasa Malaysia & credit in Mathematics;
  • 5As in ‘O’ Level, including a credit in Mathematics;
  • 3Bs in UEC Senior Middle 3, including a credit in Mathematics;
  • Requiring financial assistance;

Any one of –

  • STPM: CGPA 2.50;
  • 2 ‘A’ Level passes with 1A;
  • 5 Bs in UEC with 1A;
  • Requiring financial assistance;

AND 3 SPM / ‘O’ Level credits, including a pass in BM, Sejarah & a credit in Mathematics.

2017 IntakesJanuary, April, May, August, October
Retention in the scholarship:
The student MUST maintain full-time enrolment & complete the programme.
Important Note:

  1. Meeting the minimum criteria does not automatically guarantee the applicant a scholarship.
  2. All scholarship applications will be evaluated and short-listed by the IT Scholarship Committee, HELP University. This Committee reserves the right to revise the criteria from time to time without prior notice. Decision of the IT Scholarship Committee is final.

An application form is attached for your perusal. If you have queries or would like additional information, please contact Mr. Steven Yong ( We look forward to receiving a scholarship application from you. Your form will be forwarded to the Scholarship Committee for consideration, and you will be informed of the decision before the start of the semester.