What is Communication?

Communication deals with the masses using print, broadcast and digital media, including newspapers, magazines, television, radio and the Internet. Communication enhances our oral, written and visual communication skills – the essential skills which employers look for. Hence, the career choices for communication graduates are incredibly diverse and include banking, agriculture, manufacturing, government, healthcare, tourism and hospitality, and social programmes.

A communication specialist can work in human resource, advertising, publications, research and development, sales and marketing, broadcasting and training. Communication allows one to develop persuasive skills and strengthens the capacity for critical and analytical thinking in diverse social, cultural, legal and ethical contexts.

However, given the wide spectrum of communication, some degree of specialisation is expected of practitioners. HELP University enhances your marketability through three concentrations: public relations, marketing communication and media studies. The three degrees awarded by HELP University – BComm (Hons) Public Relations, BComm (Hons) Marketing Communication and BComm (Hons) Media Studies) – will clearly indicate that you have taken sufficient subjects in your specialisation and prospective employers are assured you are prepared to fit into your job and build and enhance your career. The path to success is as unique as you are. At HELP University, we offer you a learning experience that enhances your career development, lifetime values and personal fulfilment. So don’t hold back, let us HELP you succeed and live a life of significance through our Bachelor of Communication (Honours) programmes today.

State-of-the-art studios

The Faculty of Communication is equipped with professional and industry standard broadcast studios and equipment to enhance the quality of its media, PR and communication graduates for ready employment anywhere.

The equipment includes:

  • Panasonic AVCHD cameras with interchangeable lenses
  • iMac editing suites with Final Cut Pro editing software
  • Dolly tripods and steady tripods
  • Tungsten spotlights and fluorescent lights for 3-point lighting
  • Boom microphone with cover and pole
  • Wireless microphones with receiver and transmitter
  • Canon EOS 60D DSLR cameras with full HD filming capability
  • All this equipment supports the making of films, TV commercials and corporate videos – an invaluable resource that supports effective teaching and learning.
Achievers and Alumni
  • “Studying at HELP University has been an experience to remember. I completed my Bachelor of Communication in Marketing Communication with the help of capable hands-on lecturers. They are helpful and supportive and have no issues sharing their experiences.”

    Jessica Funk
    Account Executive at Ogilvy & Mather
    BCom (Hons) Marketing Communication
  • Studying at HELP has given me lots of opportunities to try different things. I’ve had the most fun organising and participating in events like the HELP Film Festival and Halloween Massacre Night. I prefer practical work so I’m glad that we have a well-equipped film and radio studio. Someday I’ll probably look back and think to myself, “This is where it all began.”

    Tiara Jane Anchant
    BCom (Hons) Media Studies Year 3
  • I chose to study at HELP because it is an established, respected and well-known university. With its experienced and helpful staff, the HELP Department of Communication is a perfect place for me to continue my education in Public Relations. In my livelihood as a Buddhist monk, I am active in charity work in Malaysia and abroad. By obtaining the knowledge and skills in the BCom (Hons) Public Relations program, I will be more effective and efficient in accomplishing my mission to serve the poor and the needy. Moreover, I will have the experience and confidence to successfully communicate with all the stakeholders involved in my charitable activities.

    Rev Badullegama Siriwimala Thero
    HELP CEO List Award Recipent. Deputy Chief Monk of Sri Lanka Buddhist Temple, Kuala Lumpur and Maha Karuna Buddhist Centre, Shah Alam
    BCom (Hons) Public Relations
  • I am actively involved in HELP’s Radio Club. As a media student, this is an opportunity for me to get the experience that cannot be taught in classrooms.

    Tryphena Chin Xiao Huey
    BCom (Hons) Media Studies Year 3
  • “Studying at HELP University brought an added value to my personal life. I have great memories of my years there thanks to the quality of the courses and the lecturers. I was able to secure a job even before the end of my studies. I would recommend HELP University to those who are looking for a good private university.”

    Josephine Sin Wyn Fong
    Associate Executive at Edelman Malaysia
    BCom (Hons) Public Relations
  • Finding the right place to study for the next 3 years after high-school was one of the most important life decisions for me and I’ve not regretted choosing HELP University.

    Vanesa Kumaara
    BCom (Hons) Marketing Communication
  • “It took me one short semester to realise that I am on the right path. Coming to HELP was an honest coincidence, but never a mistake. We are taught to recreate things from what we learned. Courses are made to prepare me as a better individual.”

    Chin Meng How
    BCom (Hons) Marketing Communication Year 3
Credit transfer

University of South Australia

  • Bachelor of Arts (Communication and Media Management) 2+1 Programme
  • Bachelor of Public Relations (2+1) Programme
  • Bachelor of Arts (Writing and Creative Communication) 2+1 Programme
  • Bachelor of Communication (Media and Culture) 1½+1½ Programme
  • Bachelor of Journalism (1½+1½) Programme
  • Bachelor of Media Arts (1½+1½) Programme

University of Queensland

  • Bachelor of Arts (1+2) Programme

Deakin University

  • Bachelor of Arts (Public Relations)1+2 Programme
  • Bachelor of Arts (Media and Communication) 1+2 Programme

University of Melbourne

  • Bachelor of Arts (1+2) Programme

Edith Cowan University

  • Bachelor of Communication 1+2 Programme
  • Bachelor of Creative Industries 1+2 Programme

University of the Sunshine Coast, Queensland

  • Bachelor of Communication 2+1 Programme
  • Bachelor of Communication 2+2 Programme (progression from Diploma in Communication)

Deakin University

  • Bachelor of Arts (Public Relations) 1+2 Programme
  • Bachelor of Arts (Media and Communication) 1+2 Programme

Charles Sturt University

  • BA Communication (Advertising) 2+1 Programme
  • BA Communication (Public Relations and Organisational Communication) 2+1 Programme

Murdoch University

  • BA Public Relations 1+2 Programme or 2+1 Programme

University of Wollongong

  • Bachelor of Communication and Media Studies (Marketing Communication and Advertising) 1+2 Programme

Bond University

  • Bachelor of Arts (Communication) 1+2 Programme
  • Bachelor of Arts (Journalism) 1+2 Programme
  • Bachelor of Arts (Public Relations) 1+2 Programme

Macquarie University, Australia

  • Bachelor of Communication (Media Studies) 1.5+1.5 Programme
  • Bachelor of Communication (Journalism and Non-Fiction Writing) 1.5+1.5 Programme
  • Bachelor of Communication (Public Relations and Social Media) 1.5+1.5 Programme

Hertfordshire University

  • BA (Hons) Mass Communication(Media Cultures) 2+1 Programme
HELP Student Placement Centre
  • Assists and guides students on overseas study options in Australia, UK, New Zealand, USA, Canada etc
  • Provides advice on tuition fees, living expenses, entry requirements, application procedures, accommodation application, visa requirements and documentation, flight
    reservations and pre-departure briefings
  • Advice on scholarship opportunities
  • SPC staff are highly experienced counsellors with many years of service in placing students in the ideal universities
  • Application fees to universities may be waived if applications are made through the HELP Student Placement Centre

For more details, please contact Josephine Chong @ 03-2716 2000

Clubs and Societies

BComm Voice Student Council

The BComm Voice Student Council is a student representative body working in partnership with the faculty through various avenues. Their key roles are facilitating communication between the faculty and the students, actively working with communication clubs IPRMSA, MMS and the HELP Radio Club in organising events etc. BComm Voice serves as a platform for students to demonstrate their leadership qualities as well as their ability to promote team spirit as a whole.

Radio Club

The HELP Radio Club is our campus online streaming radio station broad-casting from the studio at Wisma HELP. Members are equipped with the practical skill set to manage a radio station along with its programmes. Additionally, members are also presented with the rare opportunity to conceptualise and implement radio broadcast programmes as well as going live on-air! Currently, its programmes cover a wide spectrum ranging from news, commentaries, sports, young adult, music etc, catering to the interests of students, departments, faculty and administration of the university.


The Institute of Public Relations Malaysia Student Association (IPRMSA) was established in collaboration with the Institute of Public Relations Malaysia (IPRM), with the common goal of bringing together students who have a collective interest in participating public relations programmes. Working together with the communication clubs, IPRMSA offers a platform for students to gain various public relations skills and knowledge that is put into practice, simultaneously allowing students to foster good relationships with industry professionals.


Creative Production Content comes in many forms – photography, graphic design, directing, editing, creating, writing etc. With the numerous avenues existing today, the Creative Production Society (CPS) aims to provide BComm students the touch and feel of the different aspects of media applications. Bridging the gap between practical and theoretical aspects, CPS seeks to apply their knowledge, skills and ideas through digitally designed art, taking their first step into the creative community. With CPS, it is a constant creative and artistic process that will offer students the opportunity to communicate their ideas that meet industry requirements.

Academic Team

Dr Khairuddin has over two decades of experience in the communication industry, having worked at The News Straits Times, TV3, Animated and Production Techniques and AC Nielsen. He was Chief Executive of Akademi TV3, and Chief Executive Officer of TV3 Ghana, Accra. In education, Dr Khairuddin was Head of Advertising and Broadcasting at Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM).

Khairuddin Othman
Dean, Faculty of Communication
PhD (UiTM)
MSc (Mass Comm) (Boston)
BA (Mass Comm) (UiTM)

Coming from a family with a deep appreciation of the communication field, Asil knew early on she would work in the industry. After completing her Bachelor’s degree at UiTM Shah Alam (majoring in Public Relations), she pursued her Masters in International Relations to hone her PR skills on a global scale. With working experience in healthcare PR and investor relations.

Asil Esaam Ghebllawi
MA (Int Relations) (Nottingham)
B MassComm (Hons) (Public Relations) (UiTM)

Khairuazhar brings to his job a wealth of experience covering advertising, media and design. He has worked as a copywriter and a part time graphic designer in advertising agencies. He was also an advertising design lecturer with a leading creative university before joining HELP. His research interest is in advertising and visual communication. He is also a self-trained photographer and watercolour artist.

Khairuazhar Sahabudin
B Mass Comm (Advertising) Hons (UiTM)

A whiz in popular media, sociology and Japanese culture, Robin is an explorer, constantly on the lookout for opportunities to meet new people and see new places. He completed his Master’s in Asia Pacific Studies in Japan, specialising in Contemporary Japanese Culture. Robin speaks five languages and has served as a translator in various companies and events.

Robin Tan Gin Kien
MSc (Asia Pacific Studies) (Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University)
BA (Mass Comm) (Curtin)

A major in journalism and public relations, Geeta’s principal research interest is in intercultural communication. She is now completing a research thesis on intercultural communication, from a Malaysian perspective. Prior to entering academia, Geeta was involved in corporate communication and in the media business, giving her experience in handling print and digital media.

Geeta Dass
BComn (Public Relations) Hons (UTAR)
Dip MassComn (Journalism) (KTAR)

Kavita holds a Bachelor of Multimedia in Advertising Design from Multimedia University and a Masters in Corporate Communication from Universiti Putra Malaysia. She began her career as a creative designer, developing corporate identity and doing publication design for companies. She has conducted workshops on software training, bringing her extensive industry experience to her training.

Kavita Vellu
MA Corporate Communication (UPM)
BMm (Advertising Design) Hons (MMU)

Kamar has worked for over 20 years in the communication industry: in advertising agencies, event management companies and production houses both locally and overseas. He was also a Lecturer at the Faculty of Communication and Media Studies at UiTM. Kamar’s expertise and rich experience , especially in Marketing, Communication and Video and TV/Radio Production, enhances students’ understanding of current industry practice.

Kamar Azman Kamaruzaman
Senior Lecturer
MSc (Journalism/Advert) (Ohio)
BComm (Advert) (UiTM)

As a graduate of HELP University with First Class Honours in Bachelor of Communication (Public Relations) 2013, Andrew brings to the Faculty immense knowledge on the supporting facilities that the university can offer its students and experience in his field of study. He did his internship at multinational PR agency Edelman Malaysia before working as a full time PR Executive for two years with a leading sports PR agency, Shekhinah PR. Andrew returned to his alma mater in 2016 to pursue his passion of teaching and sharing his experiences with young minds. Simultaneously, Andrew has enrolled in a research-based postgraduate programme in the field of human communication at Universiti Putra Malaysia to broaden his horizons in the ever-expanding search for human knowledge.

Andrew Jason George
BComm (Public Relations) First Class Hons (HELP)

Bob Azhar has more than two decades of industrial experience in broadcasting. He is an Avid Certified Instructor and Avid Certified Editor and provides training on nonlinear editing workflow for high-end post productions and for TV stations in Malaysia. In 2014 his skills and expertise gained for him recognition by the Creative Content Industry Guild as a professional editor and as a broadcast industry expert by the Ministry of Human Resources.

Mohd Azhar bin Ismail
Studio Manager / Tutor
BA Mass Comm (Advertising) (UiTM)

Nurdiyana has more than 10 years’ industrial experience with extensive communication proficiency across a diverse range of sectors including PR, marketing, publishing and events. She used to spearhead the Corporate Communication activities of several government agencies.

Nurdiyana Mohd Jonis
MA Corporate Communication (UPM)
BComm (Advertising) (UiTM)

Carmen worked for 7 years in the private sector as Events Coordinator in the Bankers’ Club, Kuala Lumpur. She was also a Project Coordinator in the WWW Malaysia and as Office Administrator at Levi Strauss & Co. With sufficient industry experience, Carmen then set out a new career. Prior to joining HELP University, in 2009, she was a lecturer at Lim Kok Wing University of Creative Technology, with teaching skills in communication and media technology. Carmen holds a MA in Communication Management, University of South Australia.

Carmen Lai Jia Weng
MA, Communication Management (University of South Australia)

Floy has extensive experience in new media as he once held the post of Senior Management Consultant at East-West Communication Academy; Head of e-Commerce at Acozon.com Sdn Bhd; Assistant to the Deputy President at Malayan Banking Bhd., and Manager (Marketing Operations) of e-Learning, Net Space Learning Sdn Bhd. Floy is also an experienced trainer of communication, broadcasting, and social media. He was a producer, scriptwriter and TV and radio announcer at Astro and RTM’s Radio 5 and Voice of Malaysia. He is a senior lecturer of the Faculty of Communication, HELP University. Floy holds a MA in Education and Communication Technology, New York University, and a BA in Mass Communication and Psychology, University of Wisconsin.

Floy Yap
Senior Lecturer
MA Education and Communication Technology (New York University)
BA Mass Communication and Psychology (University of Wisconsin)