Course Details:

Social work in general involves working to bring about social change, helping to solve problems in human relationships and empowering and liberating people so as to enhance their lives.

A social work programmeme has as its fundamentals the principles of human rights and social justice. It provides a sound knowledge of the political, behavioural and social sciences as the basis for the development of indepth knowledge of social work theory, social work practice, social policy and research.

A Bachelor of Social Work degree prepares students for entry level professional practice in social work. Graduates are eligible for membership of the Australian Association of Social Workers.

  • Students who qualify will be able to earn an honours degree within their two years in UniSA as the honours programme is incorporated into the final year of the programmeme.
  • Field Education component of the programmeme (approximately 30 weeks) links your theoretical knowledge with practical professional skills.

For more information on entry requirements, programmeme pathway, subjects listing and to get to know the faculty, please click on download brochure

  • 5 SPM credits (with a pass in Bahasa Melayu)
  • 5 ‘O’ Level credits
  • 5 B’s in Senior Middle 3 (UEC)
  • STPM/ ‘A’ Levels
  • CPU/ SAM/ ABE (UK)
  • Equivalent qualification

Intake Date:

January, March, May, August

To be completed at HELP University College

  • BA 200 Introduction to Business Administration
  • BA 301 Principles of Management
  • BA 309 Human Resource Management
  • CS 101 Computer & their Applications
  • EN 101 Freshman English I
  • EN 102 Freshman English II
  • MA 120 Finite Mathematics
  • MA 125 Statistics
  • MC 110 Human Communication
  • MC 202 Public Speaking
  • MC 213 Intercultural Communication in the Global Workplace
  • MC 208 Communication in the Workplace
  • PH 101 Introduction to Western Philosophy
  • PS 101 Introduction to Political Science
  • PY 101 General Psychology
  • PY 202 Developmental Psychology
  • PY 201 Social Psychology
  • PY 211 Introduction to Research Methods
  • PY 240 Counseling Psychology
  • PY 312 Methods in Human Services
  • PY 313 Conflict Resolution
  • SO 101 Principles of Sociology
  • 1 Natural Science subject
  • (Choose from 5 subjects offered)
  • 1 Humanities subject

(choose from 8 subjects offered)

To be completed at the University of South Australia

  • Australian Social Policy
  • Contemporary Practice Approaches
  • Contemporary Social Work Issues
  • Indigenous Australians & the Human Services
  • Professional Development
  • Social Work Field Education I
  • Social Work Field Education II
  • Social Work and Reflective Practice
  • Studies in Family (online delivery)
  • Working with Community
  • Fourth Year Elective I

Fourth Year Elective II


Class participation, quizzes, tests, assignments, projects & presentations

Final semester written examination