This course is an introduction to programming using the Python programming language.

It introduces basic programming concepts for participants with basic programming skills.

Participants will be exposed to basic programming concepts including use of arithmetic and relational operators, conditions (if, if-elif-else), loops (for, and while) and functions.



Python is a programming language that can be used for many types of software development. It comes with extensive libraries, and is easy to learn. Python allows user to work interactively. An important feature of Python is dynamic name resolution, which binds method and variable name during program execution.

Pre-Requisite Knowledge

Basic programming skills.


2 Days: 9.00 a.m. – 5.00 p.m.


12th & 13th August, 2017.

  1. Introduction, and Exploring Python
  2. Data Types and Operations
  3. Writing Python Programs
  4. Selection, Part 1
  5. Selection, Part 2
  6. Loops, Part 1
  1. Loops, Part 2
  2. Functions, Part 1
  3. Functions, Part 2
  4. Graphical User Interface Programming, Part 1
  5. Graphical User Interface Programming, Part 2
  6. Wrap-Up
Who Should Attend

Working adults from any industry, school teachers and students, and university students who would like to develop their computer programming skills.


Lectures and Hands-On Programming Exercises


RM800 per participant (inclusive of two breaks, lunch and course materials).

Number of Places



Technology and Innovation Lab, Level UL, HELP University, ELM Business School.

Learn Programming with Python
1.Introduction, and Exploring Python
  • Downloading and installing Python
  • Interactive Execution
2.Data Types and Operations
  • Data Types
  • Names (Variables)
  • Operators
  • Print functions
  • Input from the User
3.Writing Python Programs
  • A Temperature Conversion Program
4Selection, Part 1
  • Building intelligence into your program
  • Making decision – if, if-else, if-elif-else
5.Selection, Part 2
  • Writing a Guessing Game
6.Loops, Part 1
  • For Loops
  • While Loops
  • Break, Continue, and Pass statements
7.Loops, Part 2
  • Extending the Guessing Game
8.Functions, Part 1
  • Defining Functions
  • Functions as Building Blocks
  • Testing Functions
9.Functions, Part 2
  • Solving problems using functional decomposition
10.Graphical User Interface Programming
  • Using tkinter module
  • Application of tkinter widgets
  • Connecting GUI with program
  • Writing other simple games

For more information on the program, please contact the Department of Information Technology, HELP University.

Telephone: 603-2711 2166

Fax: Complete and send the registration form to 603- 2095 7100


Post: Mail the completed registration form to:

Department of Information Technology
ELM Business School
15 Jln. Sri Semantan 1 off Jln. Semantan
50490 Kuala Lumpur.

Profile of Trainer

Dr Fong Pui Kwan

Bachelor of Science (Cognitive Science) Hons

Doctor of Philosophy (Cognitive Science – Intelligent System)

Pui Kwan has a doctorate degree in Cognitive Science specializing in Intelligent System. Equipped with interdisciplinary field of studies such as artificial intelligence, philosophy of mind, human cognition and computer programming, her PhD research focused on modelling computer programmes with the ability to perform pattern recognition for machine learning prediction using Nature Inspired Algorithm.  Currently, her research interests include computational intelligence, machine learning, artificial intelligence and expert system while her subject interests include C and C++ programming, Python, Matlab and web programming.