A world class program that produces world class students

In the last 10 years, we have had over 300 HELP students completing their PhDs and Masters in the top universities around the world.

1. Psychology Scholarship program Every year the HELP Psychology program offers close to 1 million ringgit in scholarships to bring the best young minds to our department. A variety of scholarships are offered ased on academic performance (Merit Awards), leadership (SASA Scholarships) and sporting achievement (Sports Awards).

2. Academic Research Training (ART) program The ART Program is a research mentorship program for undergraduate Psychology students to work on research and consulting projects. The ART program offers approximately 100 places each semester in a variety of areas within psychology.

3. The Academic Research Conference Fund The department sets aside funding every year for undergraduate students to present their research papers at local and international psychology conferences. In the last 5 years, over 400 HELP Psychology students have received funding from the department to present their findings in conferences around the world and they have done us proud.

4. PSI CHI Honors Society PSI CHI is a U.S. based international honor society for psychology students that inducts only high-achieving students and has 1000 chapters worldwide. In 2015, HELP University established the FIRST and ONLY PSI CHI chapter in Asia and currently boasts over 150 members.

5. Psychology Research Colloquium Held every semester, the HELP Psychology Research Colloquium is an in-house research conference that gives HELP Psychology students the opportunity to present their research.

6. Academic Seminars and Workshops In 2015, the HELP Psychology department conducted over 25 seminars and workshops for students and staff that brought world famous psychologists and thinkers from all over the world to our department.


Total flexibility

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