The philosophy and practice of ELM that has created the HELP Group’s business success and thought leadership also guides the teaching and learning pedagogy in the ELM Business School (ELM-BS) of HELP University. The ELM framework focuses on competency mindset transformation in the student. We coach and mentor him to be resourceful and innovative, and to be a principled adaptive leader.

The learning transformative experience focuses on character building, leadership competency, and competency in the student’s chosen profession. Our collective experience as entrepreneurs and thought leaders makes the difference as we can share this with our students.

The ELM Business School has been the school of choice for business, entrepreneurship, finance and accounting courses. It has nurtured many successful entrepreneurs, professionals of influence, industry leaders and framers of policy.

Dr Sudeep Mohandas
Managing Director,
I First International

“The DBA program profoundly influenced how I perceive the world; it helped me to redefine my philosophy of life, as well as answer the research questions which I had been asking for the last ten years. It also gave me the thinking and doing tools to do business successfully.” On completing the HELP DBA, Dr Sudeep was inspired to found I First International, a company offering niche services to nonprofit organisations, foundations, charities and NGOs, helping them start up and grow through fundraising, brand recognition, and financial and HR management.

Jenny Chuang
Managing Director,
Sydney Cake House

“HELP’s Entrepreneurship program challenged my assumptions about doing business and what it takes to be a world class company. I picked up many bundles of wisdom from the team of experienced academicians and industry experts. The program helped me to frame my thinking on how to scale, grow and sustain my business.” Jenny is the founder of Sydney Cake House, a business which grew into an enterprise with annual sales of RM40 million. It produces pastries and delicacies for bakeries, F&B outlets, airlines and hypermarkets in Asia Pacific. Jenny was named Entrepreneur of the Year in The Star Business Awards 2014.

Vincent Lee
Founder and CEO of
the Wavelet Group of Companies

“HELP’s Entrepreneurship program made me realize that a business requires certain competencies to remain efficient and thriving. The program greatly enhanced my appreciation of all the functional areas and processes that are important to grow the business, from setting a vision and mission and employing HR, marketing and networking techniques, to operational matters.” Vincent is an engineering graduate with first class honours from Manchester University; he completed his MPhil in Signal Processing from Cambridge. Wavelet helps companies to implement ERP solutions to enable them to stay ahead of the competition.

Director, Innovation Capital Division
Multimedia Development Corporation (MDeC)

“The DBA program enhanced my personal development and career success. The program gave me a strong foundation on research and thinking skills to solve challenging industry problems. The strategic thinking skill is particularly useful in my current job to formulate and drive key national ICT initiatives to achieve national outcomes.” Dr Karl Ng obtained his MBA (with Distinction) and DBA degrees through the ELM Business School of HELP University. He completed his seminal DBA dissertation on the Balance Scorecard under the supervision of Dr Paul Chan.