Illustrious Alumni

Throughout the years ELM has produced numerous Achievers who have excelled in many fields. Here are their success stories.

Eur Ing Ir Dr Karl Ng (Malaysia)

Master of Business Administration “HELP’s MBA enhanced my personal growth and success. The program’s ideal mix of theoretical and practical aspects has given breadth and depth to my thinking, whilst simultaneously widening my perception of the real world.” Dr Karl Ng is Head of the pability Development Department at the Multimedia Development Corporation (MDeC). He obtained his MBA (Distinction) and DBA from the Charles Sturt University program at HELP University.

Lin Lifeng (Shanghai, China)
Master of Business Administration

Upon completion of the Bachelor of Business and the MBA at HELP, Lin Lifeng returned to China to assist in developing his family property construction business which soon became one of the fastest growing in the industry with successful operations in Shanghai and Nanjing. Harnessing the management skills and strategic advantages he learned, Lifeng also co-owns, directs, and manages a second property development venture, expanding the scope of the family’s business.

Yau Pow Jack
Yau Pow Jack (Malaysia) Master of Accounting & Finance

“The MAF is a program which prepares professionals to become all rounders as the modules enabled us to keep updated in parallel with the dynamic business
environment. The modules in the MAF program comprise ‘hot’ discussion topics such as corporate governance, business ethics and finance.“ Pow Jack has a Bachelor of Accounting and Finance degree. He is currently a Consultant in the Transaction Services Department of Deloitte Malaysia.

Alaa Tariq Ahmed
Alaa Tariq Ahmed (Bahrain) Master of Entrepreneurship

Alaa Ahmed, a founding member of the Bahrain Women’s Association, chose the MEntrep to develop her competence and confidence in empowering people, especially women, in leadership and entrepreneurship. She has visited the tsunami stricken areas of Sri Lanka to support recovery efforts. “The tsunami is no longer in many people’s minds, but the orphans there cannot forget”, she said.

David Stearman
Mr David Stearman (UK) MSc Economic Crime Management

“Bank frauds in the UK made me realise the kind of sophisticated methods used by criminals. The new generation of criminals are young, computer savvy and hard to catch with normal methods. One has to be as good or better than them, and this is why the HELP MSc in Economic Crime Management is a useful tool for acquiring the necessary skills and know-how to beat them at their own game”. David Stearman is a decorated ex-officer of the UK police force. He is the recipient of the Police Long Service and Good Conduct Medal, and the Queen’s Jubilee Medal. He played a pivotal role in uncovering a £12 million fraud case in the UK, resulting in successful prosec-cution and confiscation of assets. His MSc dissertation is a comparative study of how Malaysia and the UK deal with the proceeds of confiscated cash and goods.

Yang Yang
Yang Yang (Chongqing, China) Master of Business Administration

“The two years I spent at HELP widened my horizons and paved the way for success in my job. Marketing Management and Strategic Management were the crucial modules, so very relevant in my career.” As International Area Manager of the Sany Group, Yang Yang helped grow the group’s business in Northern Europe. Sany is one of China’s top three construction engineering and machinery equipment companies, operating in 130 countries.

Maggie Chuah (Malaysia)
Master of Entrepreneurship

“I strongly endorse the belief that ‘Entrepreneurs are the engine of economic growth’. Learning to be entrepreneurial is equivalent to acquiring a living skill. A living skill is also a survival tool that enables one to face and manage challenges and achieve the success which is so liberating.” Maggie is a self-employed entrepreneur with a Bachelor of Engineering degree from the University of Salford.

Jan Kadlec
Ir Jan Kadlec (Slovakia) Master of Business Administration

Jan is senior consultant at Capgemini Prague with a passion for corporate strategy, operations excellence and corporate finance. He pursued his studies in International Finance Management and Business Administration in Slovakia, Austria, Germany and at the ELM Graduate School in Malaysia.

JoAnn Loo Siew May
JoAnn Loo Siew May (Malaysia) Masters in Counselling

“Studying counselling may not have been the most natural choice for me, given my background in the corporate world. But what I gained in the process was more than I had hoped for. It made me re-examine my life from all perspectives and enriched it with not just knowledge but people who bring meaning to my life. To me, it is not just about learning to become a counsellor, but becoming a person.” JoAnn is a Chartered Financial Analyst with a wide range of investment banking and commercial experience.

Sandy Yao Nanxi
Sandy Yao Nanxi (Xian, China) Master of Business Administration

Sandy beat 200 candidates for the position of Purchasing Manager with Applied Materials, USA, the world’s largest manufacturer of nanometer semi-conductor materials. Sandy is playing an active role in building Xian into China’s key technological industrial centre.

Tang Ji (Shanghai, China) Master of Business Administration

Tang Ji is a business consultant with High Creation, a US-based international professional management consultancy of more than 50 years, focusing on enterprise strategy and organisation, human resource and marketing, providing business solutions to over 2,000 companies worldwide.

Melvin Koh
Melvin Koh (Malaysia) Master of Entrepreneurship

“To be on top, we must learn to trust our instincts, yet remember our values, lead with wisdom, and most importantly to put into application whatever advice, lessons, knowledge and skills that we have gained from the good lecturers of HELP University. I am truly thankful to HELP and its faculty for all that I have gained. The program has helped me tremendously to turn practice into results in today’s challenging business environment. And I know that it will help all my fellow graduates on their journey towards a meaningful life.” Melvin has been instrumental in spearheading the growth of two businesses in the United Arab Emirates.

Leena Zahir Hussain
Leena Zahir Hussain (Maldives) Master of Business Administration

“The MBA course was pertinent with practical value. It’s demanding, but with sufficient flexibility in its structure to enable me to complete it successfully. This was important for me as a wife and mother. I was particularly impressed with the course coordinators who provided excellent counselling with pastoral care that fully justified my faith to enrol in the program.” Leena is a Deputy Director of the Ministry of Finance and Treasury in the Maldives.

Michelle Cheong
Michelle Cheong (Malaysia) Master of Clinical Psychology

“The Master of Clinical Psychology program is a comprehensive, practical and challenging program designed by a team of dedicated and passionate psychologists who have unerringly identified the nation’s mental health needs. I am privileged to have learned from this distinguished program. I’ve been pushed beyond my comfort zone in many areas, but working with encouraging coursemates and under expert facilitators, I am enjoying my journey to becoming a successful clinical psychologist.” Michelle has a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from the University of Queensland.

Lt-Col Ismail bin Haji Mogiri (Malaysia)
Master of Business Administration

“Education is a life-long journey. The MBA experience contributed to a paradigm shift from my background in military strategy and planning to strategic business management. It has also given me the added value of becoming a more rational, open, flexible and wiser person.” Col Ismail used his MBA skills and
experience to good effect as Staff Officer Grade I at Army Logistics Command KL, managing finance, contracts and procurement for the Armed Forces and handling ISO and TQM for the Logistics Command.