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Dr. Chew Seen Meng


  • Programme: First Class Honours in the London BSc Accounting & Finance Program
  • High School: SMJK Catholic PJ
  • Scholarship(s): Recipient of the LSE Entrance Grant. Cambridge commonwealth Trust for MPhil in Economics at Cambridge University
  • Current work/study: Vice President at J.P. Morgan, Hong Kong
  • Hometown: Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

Awards & Achievements

  • Recipient of the University of Chicago Fellowship for PhD in Economics, studying under Economics Nobel laureates Milton Friedman and Gary Becker

Dr. Soo Kwok Tong


  • Programme: Bachelor of Science with First Class Honours
  • Scholarship(s): LSE External Study Scholarship for MSc (Econs); LSE Grant to pursue PhD in Economics
  • Current work/study: Lectures in Economics at Lancaster University, UK
  • Education: MSc (Econs) at LSE with Distinction; PhD in Economics at LSE

Awards & Achievements

  • First student in the world to obtain 4 As in the University of London Diploma in Economics
  • Won the Gerstenberg Award for being one of the top four Economics graduates in the University of London, both internally and externally

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