Living in Kuala Lumpur, MalaysiaIt is very affordable to study for an International Degree at HELP University Course fees per annum range from RM 18,000 (USD6,000) to RM20,000 (USD6,670). As for cost of living is range between RM14,400 (USD4,800) to RM18,000 (USD6,000) per annum, depending on student’s living lifestyle and requirements.


Comparison of Living Cost & Study Cost in

Australia & United Kingdom:

Partner Universities Tuition Fee(per annum) Estimated living Expenses(per  annum)
University of Queensland AUD 28,000 AUD 25,000
University of Melbourne AUD 29,700 AUD 25,000
Australian National University AUD 27,000 AUD 23,000
Griffith University AUD 17,000 AUD 25,000
Charles Sturt University AUD 16,000 AUD 20,000
Deakin University AUD 19,800 AUD 25,000
Univeristy of South Australia AUD 20,000 AUD 23,000
Edith Cowan University AUD 22,000 AUD 23,000
Curtin Univeristy of Technology AUD 23,000 AUD 23,000
University of West of England, Bristol GBP 9,250 (year 2010) GBP 6,000
University of Liverpool GBP 11,000 GBP 7,000
Oxford Brookes University GBP 10,600 GBP 8,500
University of Middlesex GBP 10,000 GBP 8,500