Job Dating 2015 – FAQ

1) How do I register?

Please register with your respective Academic Departments. There will be a student registration form at your Departments where you will need to provide your Name, Programme and Year you are in. Please take note of your preferred time slot.

2) Who is eligible for the Job Dating?

Final-year students from all programmes who have pre-registered for the session with the companies will have the privilege to attend the speed interview.

3) Who are the participating companies and what are the jobs available in Job Dating 2015? For detailed company and job listing, please refer to the participating companies list.

4) What is the format of the Job Dating?

5 minsTHE FIRST DATE : Breaking the IceRepresentative of company to break the
ice by sharing the following information:
1. Overview, 2. Opportunities 3. Career
Progression 4. Benefits 5. Testimonial.
4 minsGET ENGAGED : Pitch Your TalentStudent will be given opportunity to
pitch your talent. Standard question to
be given to the students. Total of 4
items to be pitched by students with 1
mins for each questions. The 4 items
will be developed by the respective
5 minsGET INTERESTED: Speed InterviewRepresentatives and students to
perform speed interview whereby at
this stage, further assessment to be
1 minTHE SECOND DATE: What’s Next?The session will end with the next
action to be taken; student visitation
(group), 2nd interview at office or other
Total : 15 minsarrangement to be follow up via

Job Dating 2015 – FAQ

5) What should I prepare for actual day?

You are encouraged to research about your preferred employer. Take some time to think what makes you a good fit for the role you are pursuing. Be ready with a self-introduction, focusing on your strength and interests.

Please be punctual. You are encouraged to register 15 minutes before your interview sessions starts.

5) How should I be dressed?

You are advised to dress in formal and professional wear. No shorts, sandals and jeans are allowed. Remember – first impression counts.

6) What do I need to bring on actual day?

Please bring along your résumé for the interview. You résumé will be collected when you register. Please print extra copies if you intend to register for more than one employer.

7) I can’t attend the Job Dating. Can I still apply for these jobs?

Yes, you can do so by dropping off your résumé at the résumé collection box on the event day.