The Challenge:

HELP City Go Green Challenge is a series of green business plan competitions for both simple and sophisticated businesses and social enterprises ideas for student at all levels. It encourages students to be keen observers of society and to seize every available business opportunity.

The Proposal:
  • Restricted to only 1000 words maximum (equivalent to 3 pages)
  • Must be type written using font Times News Roman in font size of 12
  • The Proposal MUST include the following:
a. Background of the business idea
b. Aim of the business
c. Analysis of current market trends
  • Target market and clientele, potential for growth
  • Value proposition (i.e., the value of what your product or services can offer to the consumers)
  • Analysis of current and potential competitors
  • Distribution of resources (i.e., distribution of capital and human resources)
  • Capital expenditures
  • Revenue models
  • Partner networks
  • Core capabilities
  • Teamwork assignments
  • Teams of three members are required to develop the proposal
  • The Proposal will be rejected if the team does not follow the instructions stated above
  • HELP’s decision on the winning entry is final and no further objections will be entertained.