Financial Literacy
Suitable for students (aged 14-18 years) in schools and colleges, including A-Levels and Foundation, who are introduced to the world of financial services and its many career opportunities. Introduces basic concepts in finance like equities, bonds, interest rates, exchange rates.
Qualification: Diploma in Finance, Risk and Investment.

Wealth Management
Wealth managers help individuals, families and business owners to invest their money and coordinate retail banking, estate planning, legal resources, taxation, and to manage their investments, assets as well as liabilities.
Qualifications: International Certificate in Advanced Wealth Management; Certificate in Private Client Investment Advice and Management; Chartered Wealth Manager (equivalent to a Master’s degree).

Compliance is the act of being in alignment with guidelines, regulations and legislation set by governments and central banks to prevent or combat money laundering, fraud and other forms of financial crime.
Qualifications: Diploma in Investment Compliance; Combating Financial Crime

Operations relates to the administration and operation aspects of executing financial deals, from negotiation to execution and the financial and accounting aspects and problems arising from it.
Qualifications: Investment Operations Certificate (IOC); Diploma in Investment Operations

Capital Markets/Corporate Finance
Enables people to understand real market dynamics and develops a correct approach and the knowledge necessary to advise customers to invest.
Qualifications: Certificate in Corporate Finance; Capital Markets Program; Certificate in Investment Management; Diploma in Capital Markets; Diploma in Corporate Finance