Master Of Science In Economic Crime Management

The groundbreaking Master of Science in Economic Crime Management is the first program of its kind in Asia-Pacific. It is a professional program that aims to equip members of private corporations, government and professional associations with competencies... ...Read more

Doctor of Business Administration (DBA)

The DBA degree is created for discerning individuals who have reached a phase in their lives where personal fulfillment is their priority. This is the time where we ...Read more

Master of Project Management (MProjMgt)

The MPM, first offered in 2011, aims to advance executives and administrators into thinking and effective project managers by equipping them with the knowledge and skills of project management principles and practice. Candidates will not only be ...Read more

Master of Corporate Governance (MCorpGov)

The main objective of the MCorpGov is to provide candidates with comprehensive knowledge of the theories, principles and practice of Corporate Governance. It focuses on ethical issues in the conduct and regulation of business. ...Read more

Master of Executive Management (MExecMgt)

The MEM, first offered in 2011, aspires to instil junior executives and middle managers with the knowledge, skills and behaviour for advancement to senior and higher management roles, especially in the arena of corporate and business ...Read more

Graduate Certificate in Accounting (GradCertAcct)

The GradCertAcct, first offered in 2010, is specially developed for "non- accounting and finance" degree holders to acquire accounting knowledge and skills at the postgraduate level for them to have a good working knowledge and competency in ...Read more

Master of Accounting & Finance (MAccFin)

Master of Accounting & Finance (MAccFin) ...Read more

Master of Entrepreneurship (MEntrep)

Drawing on HELP University's own start-up and successful emergence as both a business and social enterprise, and expressing its core value of sharing success, ...Read more

Master of Education (TESL)

The overall agenda is one of access to higher education. The provision of this programme offers students an opportunity to ...Read more

Master of Business Administration (MBA)

The HELP MBA aims to transform mindsets and developing winning behaviour by equipping its candidates with leadership and management competencies for personal and professional advancement. ...Read more