HELP University Study Law in Malaysia
‘Igniting Legal Minds’

The Faculty of Law and Government of HELP University has broken new ground in legal research amongst private universities in Malaysia by being the only private university with 2 law journals, the HELP Law Review, which is a specialist refereed publication and the HELP Student Law Journal which is entirely student-led and student run.

HELP Law Review (HLR)

The HELP Law Review is a specialist refereed legal publication of the Department of Law of HELP University.  The aims of the HELP Law Review are to act as an incubator of knowledge and ideas, and to promote legal writing and legal thinking amongst academics, students and members of the legal fraternity. The HELP Law Review comprises of interviews, articles and case notes.

(2009) 3 HELP Law Review


Human Trafficking in Malaysia – An Overview of the Anti Trafficking in Persons Act 2007
Kathleen Marie Nunis

Directors Role in Recognising Corporate Social Responsibility – A Comparative Study of United Kingdom, Australia and Malaysia
Vilmah Balakrishnan

Rethinking the Throwing of the Legal Gauntlet on Citizen Journalism on the Net
Jaspal Kaur

Addressing Traditional Fraud Amidst the Online Hype
Edward J. Potter

Economic Crime and the Institutional Vulnerability to Personal Identification Document Fraud
Brian Zimmer

(2007) 2 HELP Law Review

In Memory of the late Right Honourable Tan Sri Dato’ Sri Abdul Malek bin Haji Ahmad,
President of the Court of Appeal
Farhan Ashraq Abdul Malek
Datuk KC Vohrah
Ambiga Sreenevasan
Hendon Mohamed


Passing of Property in Goods Forming Part of a Bulk – The Best Way Forward for Malaysia
Vilmah Balakrishnan

The United Kingdom’s National DNA Database
Nick Taylor & Andrew Roberts

The Theoretical Disagreements Surrounding the Scope of the Duty of Care in Wrongful Conception / Pregnancy and Wrongful Birth After the “McFarlance” Furore: Case Analysis
Nalina Nadarajah

Sovereignty under Siege!
A Critique of UK’s Parliamentary Sovereignty in Light of the Human Rights Act 1998
Mark Goh Wah Seng

The Paradoxical State of No Free Speech in Free Space: Blocking the Bloggers
Jaspal Kaur

(2006) 1 HELP Law Review

 In Conversation
An Interview with The Rt Hon Lord Justice Neuberger
Tan Li Lynn


Law and Education : Two Pillars of Society
Rt Hon Dame Elizabeth Butler-Sloss GBE

Making a Case for Internet Censorship: Weighing the Balance in a World Divided
Jaspal Kaur

Pamphleteers, Libel Awards and Free Speech
Clive Walker

Quality Standards in Sale of Goods Transactions in Malaysia :
A Time for Reflection and Change
Vilmah Balakrishnan

Company Law Reform in the United Kingdom
John Birds

‘To Bear or Not To Bear?’ Mandatory Prenatal Screening and its Implications on Reproductive Autonomy and Responsibility
Nalina Nadarajah

The Licensing Act 2003: Licensing for the 21st Century
Russel Hewitson

The International Criminal Court: Justice in Ivory Tower?
Shahrul Mizan Ismail

Are we at Liberty to Extend the Fundamental Right of ‘Personal Liberty’?
Mark Goh Wah Seng

Is there a Balance between the Rights of the Prosecutor and that of an Accused :
In relation to Testimonies of the Spouse of an Accused Person and that of Vulnerable Witnesses in Malaysia and the United Kingdom
Vasantha Punniamoorthy


Case Notes

The Wilayah Beauty Gems Case: The Law takes a Wrong Turn
Sri Ganesan Tharmakulasingam

Life and Death Decisions in the Treatment of Infants :
Re Wyatt (A Child) (Medical Treatment : Continuation of Order)
Anne Morris

HELP Student Law Journal (HSLJ)

The HELP Student Law Journal is a law publication by students of the Department of Law, HELP University.  The aim of the HELP Student Law Journal is to act as an incubator of knowledge and ideas, and to promote legal writing and legal thinking amongst students. The HELP Student Law Journal comprises articles written by students in topical areas of the law.

(2009) 2 HELP Student Law Journal

Case Note

Van Colle and Another v Chief Constable of Hertfordshire Police
Shalini Ragunath


The Lamp That Shows That Freedom Lives -Introduction to the Jury System
Chan Wei June

Bridging The Digital Divide, Problems and Solutions
Lo Ee Yee

Cry Freedom – Should Female Genital Mutilation Be Considered A Criminal Offence?
Naeem Hirani

(2008) 1 HELP Student Law Journal


Pulling a Sealed Plug? Immigration and the Human Rights Trump Card
Wilson Wong

Rights to Freedom of Peaceful Assembly and its state in Malaysia
Chai Pei Yee

Disclosure of True Private Facts in Malaysia
Daniel Tan Yee Hui

Crime & Punishment: Paying Your Dues of Just Too Much
Nadia Azmi

The Salomon Principle in Discussing Corporate Theory
– Is There Room 100 Years After Salomon to Address Questions as to the Nature of the Corporation as a Firm in Society
Tammuz Ben-Said

Civil Liberties and the Law: An Analysis of Legislation From Various Jurisdictions that Infringe on Human Rights
Nicholas Hoh

Judicial Precedent – The Decadence of a Timed Legacy?
Rowena Lee Kwai Ching

Autonomy of Parents towards Wrongful Conception and the Favoured Approach in Relation to Compensatory Machanism: Distributive Justice or Collective Justice?
Grace Khoo Mei Yen

Considering the Concept of Consideration
Lynly Loh Wai Tsin

Should There Be an Independent Privacy Law in England
Lim Yim Siew