HELP University Study Law in Malaysia

KUALA LUMPUR: HELP University has clarified that it offers two legitimate pathways to a law degree, following a recent statement by the Bar Council that listed it as one of several institutions that offered law degrees unrecognised by the Legal Profession Qualifying Board (LPQB).

Its Faculty of Law and Government dean, Vasantha Moorthy, said students could pursue the United Kingdom degree transfer programme or opt for HELP’s Bachelor of Law (LLB), a local three-year degree.

She said HELP’s partner universities were recognised by the LPQB. “We received approval to run the LLB when HELP was upgraded to university college status in 2004. “We did not offer the programme then, as we were waiting for LPQB’s recognition to allow LLB graduates to pursue the Certificate in Legal Practice (CLP). “At a dialogue session between higher education providers and the Malaysian Qualifications Agency, we were told that unless we ran the LLB and had it accredited, we would not be considered for recognition. “We started offering it in 2009 and informed students that they cannot join the legal profession after graduating. We received accreditation only last year.”

Vasantha said LLB students were given offer letters, with the condition that they can pursue the academic degree, but not the CLP.