Doctor of Business Administration

The DBA degree is created for discerning individuals who have reached a phase in their lives where personal fulfillment is their priority. This is the time where we reevaluate our life’s critical issues that concern family and career and the future we desire. Business and global issues and the philosophy of living are given fresh perspectives in this personal inquiry.

More than just another academic program or a course for practicing professionals, the DBA is a serious conversation about critical issues that revolve around our lives and the way we shape our destiny. We thus adopt an adventurous learning experience that is experiential and exploratory: Recognizing that our world is chaotic and that most challenges in decision making are what we categorize as “wicked problems”, a totally new paradigmic framework must be used. Our shared learning thus uses a combination of philosophical wondering, literature based and appreciative learning, Design and Theory U techniques, PBL, presencing and scenario analysis. It is multi disciplinary and underpinned by experimental approaches.

The DBA is about personal growth and leadership transformation—a powerful statement about personal significance. The Academic Program Leader is Datuk Dr Paul Chan who is a social entrepreneur and a pioneer in private tertiary education. He leads a team of thought leaders and practitioners who come from a wide spectrum of disciplines and life’s experiences.

Phase I: Learning Modules (10 units)
  • Case and Research Methodology A
  • Case and Research Methodology B
  • Emerging Issues in Organizational Behaviour and Human Resources Management
  • Emerging Issues in Economics
  • Issues in Optimizing Operations Management
  • Emerging Issues in Marketing Management and Research
  • Managing Risks and Issues in International Environment
  • Emerging Issues in Financial Decision Making
  • Strategic Opportunities and Decision Making
  • Emerging Issues in Corporate Governance and Accountability
The ELM Framework

ELM stands for entrepreneurship, leadership and management (elm). It reflects our understanding of the multifaceted role of both individuals and organisations that at any one time the trinity role of entrepreneurship, leadership and management interplays to create, manage and sustain a business over different phases of its life.

The ELM schema integrates the role of mindset transformation with process competency development for the three vectors of elm. We term this the mindset based competency approach to understand and use elm in strategic business thinking and operational management. The ELM Framework underlies our philosophy of the ELM Graduate School executive education and the way we teach and learn business in the HELP Group.

The ELM Framework (right) synthesises relevant theoretical constructs and integrates them into a practical system of decision making process concerning elm. It is a useful tool to facilitating thinking out the right business model and strategy execution.The ELM Framework starts with the end: that is, it is outcome based rather than problem based. VOW is the final goal. It comprises values, opportunities and wealth. Wealth in Chinese is cai, which has two meanings in written form: knowledge and material wealth. VOW can be defined in whatever way one wants to. But they must be worthy of our talents, reflective of the ethics of our personal life, and society or other centered.What is crucial is that elm is the powerful driving force of the mindsets (CAAAC). CAAAC stands for the Contemplative, Analytic, Adaptive and Actualization and Consequential Mindsets. These specific mindsets must be interpreted as the transformative growth mindset, and not just any mindset change. The growth mindset grows the competencies of each of the elm to a higher level in order to lead every growth phase of a business.

ELM Programmes

ELM offers 14 postgraduate programmes such as Doctor of Business Administration, Graduate Certificate in Accounting, Master of Applied Psychology in Coaching, Master of Managerial Psychology, Master of Clinical Psychology in Malaysia and more.

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