Customer service is about an awareness of how people feel and an attitude of respect towards the people who interact with us in our business. It is also about developing a long term relationship – whereby customers not only receive immediate gratification but know that they are also cared for in the future. Hence, there are two major reasons to deliver customer service: repeat business and happiness. The Customer C.A.R.E Program exposes participants to the essentials of great customer service.

The program emphasizes on
C… Communicating [clearly communicating processes and expectations]
A… Appreciation [understanding customer needs through empathy]
R… Responding [responding and taking responsibility in creating a customer service culture]
E… Effectively [effectively and efficiently providing solutions]

The primary focus will be on identifying the standards of great customer service as well as simple yet insightful ways on how each member of a customer service chain can provide this great immediate service and building a long term relationship which will leave customers happy and satisfied.


At the end of the program, participants will be able to:

  1. Articulate the importance of great customer service in helping a business reap huge rewards.
  2. Demonstrate behaviors that will indicate a deep interest in helping their customers.
  3. Understand how their behavior impacts the behavior of others.
  4. Develop a personalized strategy for short term and long term customer care.
  5. Deal respectfully yet assertively with difficult customers.
  • Participants gain a better understanding on the importance of developing customer care. Effective customer care will effectively retain customers.
  • A renewed work culture where every person in the organization contributes to and is responsible for customer care.
  • Improved working relationship among team members only increases productivity in the workplace

We work at a deep, emotional and practical level to ensure the participants take responsibility and be accountable to improve their own work performance and behavior.
Internalization: The program will allow participants to articulate and communicate the various issues surrounding customer service and how best to approach these situations.
Contextualization: The program provides and seeks to enhance key personal customer care competencies.
Actualization: Applying what is learned to the everyday scenarios in the workplace in a practical and effective manner.


EXPERIENTIAL LEARNING: Workshop, Lecture, Role playing, Scenario Building, Group Dynamics and Demonstrations

DAY 1 Understanding Customer Expectation
Learning Lab 1.1 The Service Culture

  • The cost to organisations
Learning Lab 1.2 Understanding Customer Expectation
Learning Lab 1.3 The Psychology of Customer Care

  • Reframing Attitudes
Learning Lab 1.4
DAY 2 Effective People Management
Learning Lab 2.1 Personalities in the Workplace and personalities we meet
Learning Lab 2.2
Learning Lab 2.3 Handling difficult and angry customers
Learning Lab 2.4
DAY 3 Skills for Customer Care I
Learning Lab 3.1 Effective Attending Behaviour

  • Listening Skills
Learning Lab 3.2 Effective Attending Behaviour

  • Communication Skills
Learning Lab 3.3 Developing a Personal Development Plan
Learning Lab 3.4 Group Coaching Session
DAY 4 Skills for Customer Care II
Learning Lab 4.1 Communication Skills II

  • Capability
Learning Lab 4.2 Communication Skills II

  • Proficiency
Learning Lab 4.3 Telephone Skills & Email Etiquette
Learning Lab 4.4 Group Coaching Session & Wrap Up

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