The Challenge:

HELP City Go Green Challenge is a series of green business plan competitions for both simple and sophisticated businesses and social enterprises ideas for students in all levels. It encourages students to be keen observers of this society and seize every business opportunity. For students who are aware and keen to explore green and social entrepreneurship, you are encouraged to participate in the Green Business Idea.


You will also receive a RM500** HELP E-voucher just by supporting this competition. Once you are ready share your green business idea with us, then you are encourage to expand your ideas into a three-page Green Business Proposal. There are a total of 20 awards, valued at RM10,000*, to be won. At the Grand Finale, the top 20 green business proposal will present their ideas and the best business plan will be awarded RM30,000*.

*On scholarship value
**Only redeemable for registration fee waiver

Note: Each contestant may only submit one proposal per person.

Application Details:

1. Background of the business idea
2. Aim of the business
3. Analysis of current market trends
4. Operation model of the business

  • Target market and clientele, potential for growth
  • Value proposition (i.e., the value that your product or service o_ers to the consumer)
  • Analysis of current and potential competitors
  • Distribution of resources (i.e., distribution of capital and human resources)
  • Capital expenditure
  • Revenue model
  • Partner networks
  • Core capabilities
  • Teamwork assignment
  • Each individual or team participant may submit ONLY ONE entry.
  • Shortlisted participants are required to give a formal presentation during the Grand Finale at HELP University on 27 August 2016
  • For more information or details of submission of entry, please log on to: or contact Mr Chew H.H. at 03 27162000 ext: 2241
Judging Rubrics:

Entries will be assessed using the following rubric:

  • Market Potential Uniqueness (e.g. industrial background, market needs and competitors): 10%
  • Potential for growth (e.g. current market size and future market growth): 10%
  • Marketing Strategy Exploitation of resource (e.g. human and capital resources): 10%
  • Product advantage: 5%
  • Product penetration (e.g. expecting market share and strategy to achieve it): 5%
  • Sustainability (e.g. financial projection to show its sustainability) :10%
  • Creativity Originality (e.g. scalability for mass production): 10%
  • Difficult-to-imitate (e.g. barrier of entry): 10%
  • Revenue Model Revenue channel (e.g. source of steady income): 10%
  • Capital expenditure (e.g. cost control): 10%

Social Influence Tangible aspect (e.g. tangible benefits to the society): 5% Intangible aspect (e.g. intangible benefits to the society): 5%


The competition is organized by the Department of Management Studies, HELP Academy who will treat all entries /ideas with the strictest  confidentiality.

For more information or details of submission of entry, please contact Mr Chew H.H. at 03 27162000 ext 2241