How do brilliant leaders think differently? How do they make remarkable breakthroughs? How is technology changing our minds? What will the future hold? Will we be replaced by robots?

HELP University and Invictus Leader bring to you the Brown Baggers mini- sessions featuring and showcasing valuable insights in the age of AI and IR4.0 for C-Suite Executives.

In less than an hour, you will be exposed to sustainable learning and development ideas, and be able to apply them in a series of practical tools and techniques to help you and your organization to obtain the slight edge against your competitor in the upcoming technological revolution.

What is a Brown Bag Session?

A brown bag session has traditionally been an informal breakfast, lunch, or brunch meeting. The idea is that instead of an organized formal lunch meeting, people eat a simple lunch, called a ‘brown bag’ because traditionally people would carry their lunches in simple brown paper bags.

Ravi is the most compelling, non- conformist and proactive thought leader who challenges one to think the unthinkable. His framework – Future Foresight ThinkingTM and Future Foresight Skills for Leaders in the Age of AI is helping leaders across the globe in learning new leadership workforce skills in the era of IR4.0, AI, Digital Disruption and VUCAH.

His Intellect ThinkingTM & Agile Mentor- CoachingTM tools addresses leadership challenge of standing up for new ideas, policies and practices without ruining reputations, relationships, careers and repair any leadership cracks. Using studies and stories covering business, history, politics, philosophy, economics, sports, entertainment debunks that leaders are born. Including his signature

workshop The StatesmanTM for the public and civil service leaders.

Ravi is the Founder and CEO of Invictus Leader with a rand of 9,423 international clients across 32 countries since 1992. He supports each client’s strategic agendas encompassing diagnosis, design, delivery and impact programs on leadership and organisational performance. He has worked an average of 8 months with 16 CEO’s as their Mentor-Coach over 10 years in 14 countries which are case studies in his workshops. Some of his articles are used in universities and even sighted in PhD papers.

His workshops is renowned for hard- hitting, no-nonsense and provocative and yet positively engaging. And the audience will always 

take away a new personal self-realization. One of Ravi’s unique areas of expertise is in transforming mono-cultural teams and organisations to embrace and unleash the power of diversity and inclusiveness. He excels in situations that are strategically challenging and politically sensitive, and where authentic feedback is lacking.

He advocates one brand of sightlessness – creed and color blindness. A voracious reader who reads and understands people the way investors interpret financial reports. Ravi is allergic to any artificial leadership flavoring.