The Psychology Research Colloquium

This is an in-house research conference held twice a year in April and November giving HELP Psychology students the opportunity to present their research to their peers and faculty staff. It refl ects our commitment to train students in how to design, implement, analyse, and report research in psychology.

Psychological & Counselling Services

With a team of Clinical Psychologists and Counsellors, HELP offers students free counselling and consulting services to ensure a high level of mental health. Career counselling and personal development services are also available to all HELP students.

Student Tutorships

Psychology students who demonstrate academic excellence and good communication skills will be invited to apply for positions as student tutors. Their roles will include giving academic mentoring to students and assisting the lecturers in course preparation.

Research Assistantships

This opportunity to work with academic staff on research is the ideal training ground for HELP Psychology students wanting to pursue further studies in psychology.

Working Internships

All HELP Psychology students are encouraged to seek work experience in a variety of areas before they graduate. The Department of Psychology will help link students with internship sites in their area of interest.

In-House Seminars

These seminars are conducted on a weekly basis and are presented by visiting lecturers, professors and speakers from different areas of expertise.

International Conference Fund

The department sets aside funding every year for undergraduate students to present their research papers at international conferences.