A Level Achievers 2013

The lower foyer of HELP University was the scene of jubilation today as students and parents celebrated the release of the A-Level results from the June 2013 exams. A dramatic increase in the number of straight A’s from 40% last year to 46.5% this year was announced: a total of 135 students scored straight A’s. The top scorers were commended by the senior management of HELP, as well as the Chancellor Dato’ Paul Leong.

Follow these Stories of the Star Achievers

Twins Who are in Perfect Tune
A Level Achievers

President and Vice-Chancellor Datuk Dr Paul Chan with 4 Straight A twin sisters Cherilyn and Jacqueline Hoe.

We met twin sisters Cherilyn and Jacqueline waiting patiently in a corner with their violin cases. When asked how they did, they surprised us by saying they had not opened the slips. Curious, we asked to look at them, and they agreed on condition we did not react in any way that would indicate what the results were (“Keep a poker face”, they insisted.) We gasped at what we saw: both had scored 4 Straight As: Jacqueline 4 A* and Cherilyn 3 A* and 1 A. Our reaction surely must have given the game away, and yet when we asked: aren’t you going to take a look now?, they said no.

That was a new kind of cool for us. Never had we seen people wear their brilliance so lightly on their sleeves.

Cherilyn and Jacqueline had just come in from a violin performance to collect their results. The twins are violin 8-graders. Jacqueline is toying with the idea of studying music in the UK, before getting a degree. Both of them have not really decided what to study, but most likely they’ll settle for Engineering. They took similar A-Level subjects: Physics, Chemistry, Math and Further Math.

They have a brother, Jonathan, who also studied at HELP; he is now doing Chemical Engineering at the University of Queensland.

Starry Pair of Friends
A Level Achievers

Ang Chee Chyuan (right) scored 4 A* in Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Maths; he will study Engineering at Monash.

Calvin Yeoh Kai Yuan (left) was offered admission to 4 top universities: Imperial College London, University College London, Oxford University and Stanford University. He has chosen Stanford, where he will study Economics on a Bank Negara scholarship. Calvin scored A* in Physics, Maths and Further Maths; and A in Economics.

HELP CEO Meets the Top Scorers
A Level Achievers

Datin Chan Kam Yoke, CEO of HELP University, met some of the top A-Level scorers in her office today.

Left to right:

Melissa Chee Wei Li
A* in Chemistry, Physics, Maths and Further Maths. Melissa will study Chemical Engineering in Newnham College, Cambridge University, on a Cambridge Commonwealth Trust Scholarship.

Daniel Ong Ying Yao
A* in Biology, A in Chemistry and Physics. Daniel will study Medicine at Manchester University. Daniel was President of the SASA Council at HELP.

Kelly Ng Wen Yi
A* in Chemistry, A in Biology, Maths and Physics. Kelly will study Architecture at the University of Bath. She has a special fascination with the classical style. Datin Chan and Kailash Kalaiarasu, ex-St John’s Institution KL, scored A in Physics, Chemisty and Economics, and A* in Math. He will study Law at University College London on a JPA scholarship.