Dear Friends,

As the clock ticks closer to 2017 each of us has our own thoughts about the past and what faces us in the future.

Life’s challenges will be the same, regardless of whatever happens.

Wars and crimes, successes and failures, innovation and obsolescence, joys and tears, life and death – they will be our constant partners.

Meantime, we have the duty to live well, to live with meaning and purpose. To me, in the end, it is helping and serving people. To me, education is the means to do this. Kam Yoke and I will continue to actualize the rest of our lives doing this. To us, educating is ennobling and we cannot find a better way to live and use our limited talents.

But there are numerous challenges to cope, tensions to balance, and the uncertainties of life itself.

Life to most of us has been one big blessing, or many small blessings. Every day I remind myself to be grateful that I am alive.

The rest, honestly, is of no significance: everything is impermanent.

But for now, we must live this moment and savour its greatness as there can be only a moment at a time.

And thank you for all those years, months and moments, so very precious, that you have given to me and Kam Yoke.

We are thankful, grateful, and shall always cherish them.

‘If’ only I can repay them somehow…

May I share Kipling’s ‘IF’ with you (see below).


Datuk Dr Paul Chan

President and Vice Chancellor

HELP University