University of Derby (3+0) Programmes

Programme Overview

When you enroll in a UoD programme, you take the first step on a path of professional development and personal fulfilment. You will experience academic excellence at the first hand, from interfacing with our team of highly qualified and experienced lecturers... ...Read more

BA (Hons) Accounting & Finance

Why Choose This Course? This degree is designed to ensure that when you graduate, you will be eligible for significant exemptions from a number of professional accounting bodies, i.e., maximum exemption from Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (... ...Read more

BA (Hons) Business Management

Why Choose This Course? The BA (Hons) Business Management degree gives a wide-ranging introduction to all aspects of business. It has been designed in close consultation with employers and professional bodies, so we are teaching you exactly what industry... ...Read more

BA (Hons) Business (International Business)

Why Choose This Course? The BA (Hons) Business (International Business) allows student to focus on the study of International Business as a specific field of interest, combined with the study of more general business concepts and management techniques.... ...Read more

BA (Hons) Business (Marketing)

Why Choose This Course? You will get a range of practical, creative and academic skills to prepare you for a career in marketing. Our academics fill the course with their varied experiences of real life marketing. You will benefit from guest speakers... ...Read more

BA (Hons) Business (Human Resource Management)

Why Choose This Course? The Bachelor of Arts (Hons) Business (Human Resource Management) programme is designed to provide students an understanding of the key policies, procedures and practices of Human Resource. It introduce students to recent developments... ...Read more

BA (Hons) Business (Finance)

Why Choose This Course? The BA (Hons) Business (Finance) programme introduces students to the principles of both business and finance. It aims to develop a critical understanding of the financial environment in which they will be working and gives them... ...Read more