Actuarial Science

Actuaries are in demand the world over. In the modern economic climate, with new risks and the need for ever-more creative ways to deal with them, there are constant opportunities for actuaries. Actuarial science is a relatively new major that could be... ...Read more

Actuarial Science Program - University of Waterloo

HELP University College and the University of Waterloo, Canada, is offering an Actuarial Science Credit Transfer Program into the University of Waterloo's Co-operative (Co-op) education system, which allows students to earn academic credits for their... ...Read more

American Degree Program - Psychology

Psychology is a study of human behavior. It covers a wide variety of topics such as learning, cognition, motivation, personality, group processes, and behavior. Psychologists collect and interpret scientifi c data to better understand people. Students... ...Read more

Arts and Design

Arts and design is a field of study that includes a wider range of subjects than found in other areas. If you choose a major in this field, you could learn to design products, articles or materials; or you could develop your talents as an actor, artist,... ...Read more

Biomedical Engineering

It is a cross-discipline of Biology, Medicine and Engineering and it brings the precision of engineering into the intuitive and artistic world of medicine. Biomedical engineers have saved and improved lives of people through innovations that have helped... ...Read more


Biosciences are majors concerned with the world of living things. Students learn to use physical and biological sciences to explore the nature of life. They may specialize in research centering on plants, animals or human organisms. This is a good fi... ...Read more


Business graduates are in demand in every industry. The ability to direct and coordinate the activities and operations of an organization is a valuable skill. Business students learn the fundamental principles, concepts and methods used in modern business.... ...Read more

Computer Science

Computer Science is a dynamic and vital field that impacts almost every sector of the economy. Evolution and innovation continues to make computer related careers a hot commodity in the 21st century. Professionals in this field design computers and the... ...Read more

Health Science

Health science students learn the art of healing. Workers in this field often earn more than other trained professionals and they have the benefi t of knowing that they are contributing to peoples' well-being. Society is more health conscious than in... ...Read more


Engineering is about planning and designing things. Engineers create the machines, structures, processes and systems that we encounter in our world. They work in research and development, manufacturing, construction, and industry. Engineering students... ...Read more

Mass Communication

Mass communication is the science of exchanging information. Media used to convey these messages include television, radio, print, internet & social media, and public speaking. The mass communication student specializes in one or more of these and becomes... ...Read more

Social Work

Social work in general involves working to bring about social change, helping to solve problems in human relationships and empowering and liberating people so as to enhance their lives. A social work program has as its fundamentals the principles of... ...Read more